Pet Scoop: Kitten With Corkscrew Limbs Gets Surgery, Shelter Rehabs a Family's Injured Dog

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Corky is healing after surgery on his backwards legs.
Corky is on the mend following surgery on his backwards legs.

Kitty With Corkscrew Limbs Is Up and Running

Corky the cat was born with his hind legs facing backwards and crossed over each other — like a corkscrew. Gail Ventzke, the director of the Cat’s Cradle shelter in Fargo, N.D., took Corky to several veterinarians for consultations after rescuing him from a Minnesota pound in March. One agreed to perform the complicated corrective surgery, but the kitten ended up losing one leg due to circulatory problems. But three months later, the 10-month-old kitten has recovered — and now chases Ventzke’s dogs and cats. — Read it at Today

Human Yawns Really Are Contagious — to Dogs

Canines catch yawns from sound alone, and new research published in the journal Animal Cognition reports that they’re more likely to catch their owner’s yawns than those of other humans. The study also supports previous studies indicating that contagious yawns show empathy. — Read it at Live Science

Animal Prognosticators Come Out for Euro 2012

Like many big sporting events, there was no shortage of animal prognosticators trying to predict the winner of Euro 2012 — a fish, a pig and even a panda made their predictions before the big soccer match. ­— Read it at the Wall Street Journal, and read about seven other prognosticating animals

Kayla was saved by the Central California SPCA.
The Central California SPCA saved Kayla's life.

Shelter Surprises Family by Saving Their Beloved Dog

A Fresno, Calif., family was shocked to get a call from Central California SPCA saying that the dog they’d brought in to be euthanized nearly two weeks earlier was alive and ready to be reunited with them. According to the Fresno Bee, Kayla, a 2-year-old Weimaraner, had suffered a serious wound when she fell on a stake in her backyard.

When her owner, Frank Martinez, took her to the vet, he realized that he couldn’t pay for the emergency care that Kayla needed. So the distraught Martinez felt that he had no choice but to bring Kayla to the SPCA to be put down. The staff there was so touched by his emotional goodbye that they decided to save his dog. "They had done all the right things, spaying her, getting her vaccines, keeping her healthy," said Beth Caffrey of the CCSPA. Thanks to their efforts, Kayla is back home with the Martinez family. — Watch it at ABC 30

Scientists Unearth Tracks Made by 585-Million-Year-Old Creature

A tiny, slug-like animal left sediment on rocks in Uruguay that researchers say points to the fact that the earliest form of multicellular animal life existed 30 million years earlier than previously thought. The tracks date back 585 million years. Previously, the oldest evidence was 555 million years old. — Read it at MSNBC

Pedigree Canned Dog Food Recalled Over Plastic Bits

Mars Petcare has announced the recall of some of its Pedigree weight management canned dog food — small pieces of blue plastic could be in the food, posing a choking hazard. — Read it at

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