Pet Scoop: Lab Puppy Pulled From 75-Foot Well, Cat Survives 28 Miles in Truck Engine

July 6, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A yellow Lab puppy was saved from a 75-foot well in Georgia Sunday.
A yellow Lab puppy was saved from a 75-foot well in Georgia Sunday.

Puppy Survives Plunge Down Well

Jose Santillan called Cherokee County, Georgia, firefighters just before 7 a.m. Sunday, when he discovered a 2- to 3-month-old yellow Labrador Retriever had fallen into a well outside his home. The puppy and a black Lab, who were both strays, had showed up near Santillan’s home Saturday. The black Lab’s barks alerted Santillan that the puppy was in trouble Sunday. Firefighter Brendan O’Brian was lowered into the 75-foot well. Moments later, he was raised back up with the puppy in his arms. The pup was given oxygen and appeared to be unharmed. The dogs were taken to a local animal shelter, and if their owner can’t be found, Santillan said he’d be willing to adopt them. — Read it at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Study: Seabirds Use Smell in Navigation

A team of scientists has found evidence that seabirds smell their way to their favorite feeding spots. It’s the "first direct evidence that seabirds use odor maps to navigate over vast expanses of visually featureless oceans to locate preferred grounds, and then to return home and pinpoint their breeding colony," said lead author Andrew Reynolds of Rothamsted Research, an agricultural research center in the United Kingdom. Some of the birds in the study, who were fitted with GPS devices, flew over visual cues like fishing boats, which supported the idea that they used smell to help them navigate, researchers said. The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. — Read it at Live Science

Practice in Pools May Make Baby Seals Better Divers

Researchers have found that grey seal pups who play in pools might have better diving skills once they move to the sea, and that might increase their chance of survival. They found that pups who spent time in pools of water were able to hold their breath for longer periods of time. "Pups that put their head in the water may experience stimulation of the facial nerves, which causes a drop in heart rate. That may help them hold their breath for longer,” the researchers said. The study was published in the journal Society for Experimental Biology. — Read it at Science Daily

Mars will help find a home for a cat found stuck in an employee's truck engine.
Mars will help find a home for a cat found stuck in an employee's truck engine.

Cat Freed From Truck Engine

There was a sweet rescue for a young orange tabby cat at the Mars Chocolate plant in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Thursday morning. When he arrived at the factory for work after his 28-mile commute, an employee found a cat stuck in the fan blades of his Nissan pickup truck and called police for help. Hackettstown Police and Mars employees worked together to free the feline — who then tried to take off. “After a brief foot chase, the cat was caught by police,” the police department said. The cat was turned over to animal control, and Mars is stepping up to help find him a home. “Mars Petcare is happy to cover the adoption costs and will be providing a year's supply of food to help find him a forever home,” the company said on Facebook Friday. — Read it at New York’s PIX 11

Stephen King Deems Puppy “The Thing of Evil”

Horror writer Stephen King regularly posts photos of his adorable Corgi puppy on Facebook, referring to her as “Molly, aka The Thing of Evil.” She chews beds, attacks tissue boxes and tears up cereal boxes. But if Molly’s really evil, she has a perfect disguise: she’s always wearing a big, happy smile. “Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, tries to convince me she is a Thing of Good. I am not persuaded,” King posted last week. The look on the author’s face, though, tells otherwise. — See photos at Buzzfeed


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