Pet Scoop: Loggerhead Turtle Gets 3D-Printed Jaw, Bruce Almighty Ready for New Home

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An injured sea turtle rescued in Turkey will return to the ocean with a 3D-printed jaw.
An injured sea turtle rescued in Turkey will return to the ocean with a 3D-printed jaw.

Injured Sea Turtle Gets Hi-Tech Help

A 100-pound loggerhead sea turtle named Akut-3 became the first of his kind to get a 3D-printed prosthetic face after he was found injured by a boat propeller on the coast of Turkey. When he was found floating in the water last July, his jaw was fractured and almost 60 percent of it was missing. He was found by the rescue AKUT Arama Kurtarma Derneği and taken to the Dekamer Center for rehabilitation. They worked with BTech Innovation to reconstruct the turtle’s jaw and beak. It was printed in medical-grade titanium and fitted to Akut-3’s face during surgery. He’s now able to move his lower jaw, and the Dekamer team is waiting for the soft tissue of the turtle’s face to attach to the prosthesis. Once Akut-3 has healed, he will be returned to the sea. — Read it at CNET

Louisiana Black Bear Makes Recovery

The bear that inspired the teddy bear once had a population of fewer than 100. But its numbers have now recovered and federal and Louisiana state officials say the species no longer needs to be listed as endangered. Plush teddy bears were created after President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a Louisiana black bear for a hunt trophy in 1902. But, some animal activists think the bear should retain its protection, arguing that it still has a relatively small population compared to what it once was. "Seven-hundred-fifty from a traditional population of 20,000 is a sign that the bear is really in trouble," Harold Schoeffler, chairman of the local Sierra Club. — Read it from AP via Yahoo

Study: Birds Tap Their Beaks in Rhythm to Songs

Researchers have discovered that java sparrows aren’t only tweeting when they sing songs. They seamlessly add bill clicks to the rhythm, “similar to percussionists,” wrote study co-authors Masayo Soma and Chihiro Mori. They also found that bill-clicking patterns were similar between fathers and sons, suggesting the dads teach their chicks the clicks along like they teach them the song notes. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. — Read it at Discovery News

Bruce Almighty has gone through hours of surgery to save his legs after being rescued.
Bruce Almighty has gone through hours of surgery to save his legs after being rescued.

Bruce Almighty Ready for Adoption

After two months of being nursed back to health, a cat found in Saskatchewan, Canada, with his paws bound in electrical tape is ready to find a forever home. A GoFundMe campaign to support the cat, named Bruce Almighty for his determination and will to live, went viral and collected $24,000 to help pay for his veterinary bills, as well as those of other animals at the Regina Humane Society. Bruce has recovered well and is walking around, but he still has some limitations. "We want to make sure that he will be put into an environment that will give him the best chance of long-term health and happiness," said Regina Humane Society spokesman Bill Thorn. The group will start taking adoption applications for Bruce Almighty Saturday. — Read it at Canada’s CBC News

Adopted Dog Comforts Women With Cancer

Gracie, a Chihuahua-Yorkie mix, has battled mammary masses and a flea allergy that left her partially hairless. The tiny dog was surrendered to the Richmond SPCA in March, where she was treated. Now, she’s found her calling. Gracie was adopted last month by Cheryl Tankersley, who owns Planet Hair, a salon in Richmond, Virginia, that specializes in services for women going through chemotherapy. Gracie has made it her job to comfort the clients at Planet Hair, quietly sitting in their laps while they go through the emotional process of having their heads shaved or get fitted for wigs. “This dog is a blessing to other people,” said Tankersley. “And they’re a blessing to her.” — Read it at Virginia’s Richmond Times-Dispatch


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