Pet Scoop: London Cat Found in Paris After 8 Years, Workers Save Stranded Ducklings

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Moon Unit was found in France eight years after disappearing from her London home.
Moon Unit was found in France eight years after disappearing from her London home.

Wayward Cat Returns to London

The owners of a black and white cat who disappeared in London on New Year’s Eve in 2008 were shocked to hear from a shelter that found her last month — wandering around a French railway station. Moon Unit, who’s named for the daughter of musician Frank Zappa, had a microchip that led a Paris shelter’s staff to Marna Gilligan and Sean Purdy. They exchanged photos with the shelter, L’association d’Aide et de Défense des Animaux en Détresse, and confirmed that the cat was indeed theirs. “Initially I didn’t believe it could be her after so much time,” Gilligan said. “Once we did confirm it, I was really, really happy — I couldn’t stop telling people about it!” They were united with Moon Unit on Friday. The couple is no longer together, so they’ve agreed that the kitty will go to live with Purdy, as one of her kittens lives with Gilligan. — Read it at the U.K.’s Metro

Dolly the Sheep’s Cloned Sisters Are Aging Well

A new study finds that the four cloned sheep who are genetically identical to Dolly, the first cloned sheep, are still healthy in their old age. The four have just turned 9 years old, which makes them about 70 in human years. They were found to be free from many diseases commonly found in older sheep, like diabetes and high blood pressure, suggesting cloned animals aren’t at an increased risk for long-term health problems. Dolly herself was born in 1996 and lived to be 6.5 years old. Her health problems at a relatively young age raised concerns that clones might be at increased risk for age-related illness. The study was published in the journal Nature Communications. — Read it at Live Science

Researchers Find New Beaked Whale Species

An international team of scientists analyzing DNA samples from 178 beaked whales has discovered an entirely new species. The new whale is black and just 25 feet long when it’s full-grown. It had been assumed to be the more common Baird’s beaked whale, but is smaller and darker in color. The elusive whale is rarely seen, even by Japanese whalers who are frequently at sea in the northern Pacific, where the whale lives. The new species is described in the journal Marine Mammal Science. — Read it at Discovery News via Seeker

Iron and steel workers in Japan helped two ducklings waddle to safety.
Iron and steel workers in Japan helped two ducklings waddle to safety.

Cute Trapped Ducklings Rescued

Two ducklings found themselves stuck in a pond surrounded by high concrete walls in Japan. Luckily, there was an iron and steel works company located nearby with some very caring employees. Some of them created a ramp to help the cute ducklings escape, and waded into the water to install it. It worked. The little ones waddled their way up, where they were reunited with their mom and their third sibling. — Watch it at Today

Sea Lion Gives Keeper One Big Hug

One giant sea lion at a U.K. zoo adores his keeper, and he’s not afraid to show it. The sea lion, who stood as tall as the keeper, had a huge hug for him as he tried to feed the animals with a bucket of goodies. He continued to embrace him and give him kisses as he threw fish to the sea lion and others in the enclosure in a sweet video released by the zoo. — Watch it at the U.K.’s Telegraph


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