Pet Scoop: Lost Dog Overjoyed to See Owner, Missing Lab Rescued From Wisconsin Lake

August 4, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Kali was thrilled to be reunited with her owner in Canada last week.
Kali was thrilled to be reunited with her owner in Canada last week.

Dog Found in Canada Wilderness

A North Carolina family who thought their 7-year-old dog had perished after she was swept away by violent rapids in Ontario was reunited with her last week. Last month, the Kareken family was camping in Quetico Provincial Park with Kali, their Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix. They had stopped to watch the rushing water at Rebecca Falls when Kali slipped in. After searching for her for hours, they believed she hadn’t made it and made the difficult choice to return home. Nearly two weeks later, they got a call from park rangers saying a dog matching Kali’s description had been found, and rangers were caring for her. The family immediately drove back to Canada to be reunited with their dog, who had survived in the wilderness for 10 days on her own. The ecstatic dog whined, wiggled and smothered owner David Kareken with kisses in a happy reunion that was caught on video. — Watch it at Canada’s CBC News

Study: Desert Elephants Pass on Knowledge to Survive

Researchers have found that it’s knowledge that’s passed down to younger generations, not genetic mutations, that helps desert-dwelling Namibian elephants survive in their extreme habitat. They can remember the location of scarce water and food, and have figured out how to cool themselves by covering their bodies with sand they have wetted down. The study found they have the same DNA as elephant populations who don’t live in the desert, and researchers said they should be protected so they can continue to pass along their knowledge. The findings were published in the journal Ecology and Evolution. — Read it at

Baby Puffin Found in Ice Cream Van

Confused pufflings in Scotland have been found in gardens, a hotel and spa — and now under an ice cream van. After getting a call from a Good Samaritan, a staff member from the Scottish Seabird Centre went to look for the baby puffin and captured it in a cat carrier. He named the bird Mr. Whippy after the ice cream business, and released it back into the ocean. “It landed on the water, dived a few times, then started to paddle out towards an uninhabited island, looking quite happy and calm,” said center manager Alexander Turnbull. — Read it at Buzzfeed

Moose was rescued by boaters after being missing for a month.
Moose was rescued by boaters in Wisconsin after being missing for a month.

Boaters Rescue Dog From Lake

A Labrador Retriever who went missing on July 4 is back home with his family thanks to four girls who found him bobbing in a Wisconsin lake while they were out on a pontoon boat Monday afternoon. “We knew eventually it would get tired, so it was pretty urgent for us to make sure he was okay,” said Jessica Dundon, one of the boaters. They worked together to pull Moose, who’s 6 years old, out of the water, and created a leash out of a rope they had on board. They brought Moose to the local police department, who got him to the Elbrook Humane Society. The shelter was able to find his family through his microchip. “I just started crying and bawling,” said owner Suzy Lesser of getting the call that Moose had been found. She was there within minutes to be reunited with her dog. — Read it at ABC News

Whale Swims Under Zodiac Filled With Passengers

A close encounter with a fin whale feeding off the coast of Quebec, Canada, was caught on video by one of the passengers. In the stunning video by Eric Mouellic, the huge whale turns on its side, opens wide and lunges toward the boat, submerging just a few feet from the inflatable boat. The passenger called the experience “magical.” Fin whales are the second largest whales species. — Watch it at Grind TV


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