Pet Scoop: Lost Dog Thanks Officer in Sweet Selfie, Terrier Takes on Robotic Dog

March 2, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Sadie gives Indiana State Trooper Joe Swisher, a kiss after he rescued her from a busy roadway.
Sadie gives Indiana State Trooper Joe Swisher, a kiss after he rescued her from a busy roadway.

Trooper Saves Dog From Traffic

Indiana State Trooper Joe Swisher was patrolling U.S. 24 on Tuesday when he spotted cars swerving to avoid hitting a dog who was running in the roadway. Luckily, when he pulled up to Sadie and opened the car door, she jumped inside. She was wearing a dog tag with a local veterinarian’s address and phone number. The vet’s office tracked down Sadie’s family, who didn’t yet know she had escaped from her backyard. Swisher brought her home and reunited her with her family — but not before getting a grateful kiss from Sadie that was captured in a selfie. “I am glad this situation had a happy ending,” Swisher said. — Read it at Indianapolis’ WISHTV

Sea Lion Die-Off Linked to “Junk Food” Fish

With record numbers of California sea lion pups starving and stranding on beaches, a new study finds their mothers’ poor food quality may be to blame. Sea lion mothers have been having a more difficult time finding their usual diet of high-calorie sardines and anchovies, so they’ve had to eat less hearty rockfish and market squid instead. “In contrast, for predators with high energy demands, such as nursing female sea lions, eating fish with higher energy density due to higher content of calories and fats provides a more effective way to meet their nutritional demands,” said lead author Sam McClatchie, who’s an oceanographer at NOAA Fisheries Service’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center. The study was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. — Read it at Discovery News

Snow Delivered to Anchorage for Iditarod

Snow is scarce again this year in Anchorage, Alaska, and it’s complicating the famed Iditarod Sled Dog Race, which is scheduled to start on Saturday. The race organizers are actually working with the Alaska Railroad to deliver seven rail cars worth of snow to Anchorage for the ceremonial start of the race. The snowfall in the city for the last two years has been equal to just two-thirds of a normal year’s snowfall. — Read it from the AP via CNBC

A Terrier wasn't sure what to make of Spot, a robotic dog.
A Terrier wasn't sure what to make of Spot, a robotic dog.

Real Dog Takes on Robotic Dog

A funny new video shared on YouTube captures a real Terrier’s reaction to a robot dog. The little dog, who belongs to Android inventor Andy Rubin, faced off with the giant robot Spot created by Google-owned Boston Dynamics in a parking lot. Spot showed off his nuanced moves like crouching and prancing. The actual dog refused to back down, racing to bark at it as it ran around the parking lot, while onlookers got a kick out of their interaction. The robot was created for the military, and Spot is the only one currently in civilian hands. — Watch it at Time

Guide Goat Helps His Blind Goat Friend

Marcia the goat was taken in by Farm Sanctuary in California after she was born blind last spring. She was scared and anxious when she was left alone, but her caretakers suspected a kid named Maurice would be the perfect companion for her when he was rescued in July. They hit it off right away, and have been inseparable ever since. “They eat right next to each other, they sleep right next to each other, they refuse to be any farther away from each other than they have to be,” says a sanctuary worker in a video about the pair. — Watch it at the Huffington Post


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