Pet Scoop: Lovestruck Police Officer Adopts Puppy, Fallon’s Pups Predict the Super Bowl

Feb. 5, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Police Officer Marcus Montgomery fell in love with an adorable puppy he met at a shelter while on a call.
Police Officer Marcus Montgomery fell in love with an adorable puppy he met at a shelter while on a call.

Shelter Pup Proves Irresistible

Officer Marcus Montgomery arrived at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society on a call and left head-over-heels in love with an adorable puppy. As he was getting ready to leave after helping with a situation with a former employee, the shelter’s supervisor came back into her office with the puppy. “As soon as I saw him, I said ‘don't bring him in here or else I will take him home right now,’” the Fort Walton Beach, Florida, officer recalls. He already had one dog, Vader, who he’d adopted from the shelter. But when he heard the sad story of how the puppy had been left alone in a box behind the shelter in the cold one night, it melted his heart and he agreed to hold him. As you can see from this picture that went viral, the rest is history. “When I held him close, he bumped his nose next to mine and licked it,” Montgomery said. “I knew right then that I needed to get him.” He and his girlfriend decided to bring the puppy home and name him Kylo, to keep with the Star Wars theme. They’ll foster him until he’s old enough to officially be adopted. — Read it from ABC News via Yahoo

Sea Lion Pup Sleeps in Restaurant Booth

Employees at the upscale seaside restaurant The Marine Room in La Jolla, California, were surprised to find someone waiting inside Thursday: a sea lion pup. The malnourished pup helped herself to a booth and climbed in "almost like she wanted to have dinner," said Chef Bernard Guillas. The staff called a rescue team from SeaWorld San Diego to come help the exhausted pup. They removed her from the booth and brought her back to SeaWorld. The 8-month-old sea lion weighed less than half of what she should at this age, but her rescuers are “guardedly optimistic” they’ll be able to nurse her back to health and release her into the wild. The story comes on the heels of another sea lion who made headlines when he went shopping in a souvenir shop that was also in La Jolla. — Read it at Reuters

Bald Eagle Population Soars in Boston

Experts say there are more bald eagles appearing in the urban eastern areas of Massachusetts. Last year, there were 51 confirmed breeding pairs in the state — the most since they were reintroduced there in 1982. "One of the areas of most rapid expansion has been eastern Massachusetts, which has been a great surprise," said Andrew Vitz, an ornithologist with the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. The information confirms what’s been buzzing on social media, as locals have been posting about their sightings of the large raptors. — Read it from the AP

Jimmy Fallon's Golden Retriever Puppy Predictors went for the Denver Broncos.
Jimmy Fallon's Golden Retriever Puppy Predictors went for the Denver Broncos.

Puppies Predict Super Bowl Winner

Jimmy Fallon called in his famous Puppy Predictors — nine fluffy Golden Retrievers — on the Tonight Show on Thursday to see who they were going for in Super Bowl 50. After getting a pep talk from Fallon, who told them he wanted to “see a clean vote,” he released the pups to see whether more of them would go for the kibble in the bowl marked Panthers or Broncos. There was a very clear winner. “Landslide, landslide, landslide right there!” Fallon said. “I think it’s obvious, the winner are the Denver Broncos!” — Watch it at NBC

Border Collie Saved From Culvert

Firefighters in Indianapolis came to the rescue of a 3-year-old Border Collie on Wednesday. Misty was trapped in a culvert pipe, and the firefighters had to pull her out of the narrow space using rope as her owners watched. They cheered as she was pulled out. “Stay there, baby girl,” they called as the crew put the scared dog back on the ground. Her thankful owners comforted her and attached her leash. She was not injured and happy to be back with her owners. “Happy to help out our four-legged friends! Glad Misty is okay!” Tweeted the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which assisted in the rescue. — Watch it at the Indy Star


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