Pet Scoop: Mama Koala Comes to Joey’s Rescue, TSA K9 Named for 9/11 Hero Retires

Sept. 29, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A mother koala comes to her joey's rescued in a sweet video.
A mother koala comes to her joey's rescue in a sweet video.

Baby Koala Gets Stuck on Fence

A young koala was caught on video Monday when it got stuck on a fence while trying to follow its mom. The joey was squeaking as it did its best to get over the fence on a street in Burnside, Australia. Luckily, mom was nearby and climbed down a tree trunk to offer her help. She climbed up just enough so that her little one could safely grab hold of her fur and climb on her back. Once the joey was firmly holding on, they headed off into the shade of nearby tree together. — Watch it from Australia’s Farm Barn via Facebook

Blind Horse and Guide Horse Need a Home

A pair of horse friends is now waiting to find a home together at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. The duo has developed a special bond since they were rescued. Daisy, 10, is blind, and Angel, 17, sticks by her side as a guide. Angel doesn’t mind that Daisy follows her and occasionally bumps into her, and if they’re separated, Angel will whinny to her friend to make sure she can find her. “Sometimes you just need a friend who gets you,” the rescue group wrote in a Facebook post about the pair earlier this month. Daisy was found wandering in the summer of 2015, and met Angel when she was rescued from a neglectful situation. The rescuers noticed that the two were quite compatible and enjoyed each other’s company when they were housed together. — Watch it at USA Today

Are Dogs Able to Sniff Out Lung Cancer?

A new study finds that dogs specially trained to sniff for lung cancer may have more work to do. The dogs sniffed the breath samples of 122 people and correctly identified the subjects with lung cancer 78.6 percent of the time. However, they were only able to detect 34 percent of patients who do not have lung cancer. “Our dogs made mistakes with both positive and negative samples," said study co-author Klaus Hackner, from Krems University Hospital in Austria. Hackner thinks the dogs’ success rate could be improved in a training program designed to reward them more often. The study was published in the Journal of Breath Research. — Read it at Seeker

TSA explosives detection dog Ssiller will retire with his handler, TSA Inspector Christopher Neeson.
TSA explosives detection dog Ssiller will retire with his handler, TSA Inspector Christopher Neeson.

TSA Dog Named for Hero Retires

After working for six years to detect explosives at New York’s JFK International Airport, Ssiller the TSA dog is ready to relax in his well-deserved retirement. The 7-year-old black Labrador Retriever was named for 9/11 firefighter Stephen Siller, who wasn’t on duty but headed to the World Trade Center to help on the day of the attacks, and lost his life saving others. Ssiller is being adopted by his handler, TSA Inspector Christopher Neeson. “It's going to be a big change for him in retirement, one that he deserves for so many years of service to the mission. I imagine he'll miss working in the airport,” Neeson said. “My wife is in love with him, my children are in love with him, there is no way I could not have him.” — Read it at New York’s ABC 7

Kittens Take the Field for Their Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is still more than four months away, but some “catletes” are already preparing for the big day. The North Shore Animal League brought 100 adoptable kittens to the Hallmark Channel’s studio this week to start taping the adorable Kitten Bowl competition. After this week, the kittens will go back to the shelter, where they’ll be available for adoption, said Beth Stern, who hosts the special. Kitten Bowl IV will air on the day of the Super Bowl, February 5. — Watch it at ABC News


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