Pet Scoop: Marine Reunited With Dog Lost for 5 Years, Outpouring of Support for Kitten

June 12, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Cookies Chanel was found 1,500 miles away from where she was lost five years ago.
Cookies Chanel was found 1,500 miles away from where she was lost five years ago.

Veteran Reunites With Lost Dog

Jessica Gutierrez cried with joy as she ran toward her long-lost dog at the airport in Kansas City. The Marine had left Cookies Chanel, a Miniature Poodle, with her sister in New Mexico in 2010, when she was deployed to Afghanistan. But while Gutierrez was overseas, the dog went missing. Last month, Cookies was picked up as a stray 1,500 miles away in San Diego County, California. She had the emotional reunion with her 7-year-old dog Wednesday. “I’m in shock right now,” said Gutierrez. “I didn’t think I was ever going to see her again … We’re really excited to have her back in our home.” — Watch it at Fox 5 San Diego

Pigs May Be as Smart as Chimps

New research finds that pigs are at about the same intellectual level as chimpanzees and are smarter than dogs. Researchers reviewed dozens of studies and found that pigs have excellent long-term memories, can learn complex combinations of symbols for actions and objects, and can cooperate with each other, among several other findings. “We have shown that pigs share a number of cognitive capacities with other highly intelligent species such as dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans,” said neuroscientist Lori Marino of Emory University and The Nonhuman Rights Project. “There is good scientific evidence to suggest we need to rethink our overall relationship to them.” The findings were published in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology. — Read it at Discovery News

Zoo Takes in Blind, Orphaned Baby Fox

An adorable red fox kit whose mom was hit by a car in April is making her home at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Massachusetts. A local resident contacted the zoo after the kit’s mom was struck. Keepers determined that the kit was blind and couldn’t be returned to the wild. Piper, who’s now 9 weeks old, will become part of the zoo’s educational program. Piper is being slowly introduced to her new surroundings and acclimating to the sounds of the zoo, according to a Facebook post. — See photos at Zooborns

A Good Samaritan rescued 12-week-old Lucy from a dumpster in Portland, Oregon.
A Good Samaritan rescued 12-week-old Lucy from a dumpster in Portland, Oregon.

Adoption Offers Pour in for Kitten

Little Lucy suffered terrible cruelty, but now calls are pouring in to the Oregon Humane Society with offers to adopt her. The 12-week-old kitten is a survivor. Last month, she was found in a dumpster in Portland after being shot. A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the shocking act of cruelty. “If there is a silver lining in this case, it is the huge outpouring of community support for Lucy,” said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon in a statement. "Everybody wants to adopt Lucy," concurred shelter spokesman David Lytle. Veterinarians are holding off on the surgery Lucy needs to give her time to grow bigger and stronger, and it will still be two to three weeks before she can be adopted. “We must remain cautious, but we are optimistic that Lucy will make a full recovery,” said Dr. Jacqueline Blanchette, lead veterinarian at OHS. — Read it at Oregon Live

Touching Tribute to Late Dog Goes Viral

Denali, a Husky mix adopted as a puppy by Oregon photographer Ben Moon, was by his best friend’s side through the good times and bad for 15 years. The dog helped Moon beat colorectal cancer 10 years ago, and Moon was there to take care of Denali when he was diagnosed with cancer himself years later. During Denali’s final month, Moon was approached to do a short film about the dog’s life — a tribute told from the pooch’s perspective. "[The film] could have gone cheesy or too sappy or too sad, so quickly," Moon, 40, told "But [director Ben Knight] just nailed it." Denali passed away in February 2014, and the touching 7-minute film has gone viral this week. — Watch it at Today


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