Pet Scoop: Michael Jackson’s Tiger Dies, Groups Help Save Pets From Colorado Fires

June 28, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Thriller, a bengal tiger who once belonged to Michael Jackson, died at age 13 from lung cancer.
Thriller, a Bengal tiger who once belonged to Michael Jackson, has died.

Cancer Claims Life of Former Neverland Ranch Tiger

Thriller, a Bengal tiger who once lived on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, died of lung cancer this month at age 13. The 375-pound animal went to live with her brother, Sabu, at actress Tippi Hedren’s wildlife preserve in California in 2006, when Jackson moved out of Neverland. "Thriller was a real piece of work, one gutsy girl. She ruled Sabu's life. It was humorous to watch the whole relationship. She did things to him that male tigers would normally never allow,” said Hedren. “She ruled the roost, was very independent and tough.” News of her passing comes just days after the third anniversary of Jackson’s death. — Read it at the AP via

Animals Displaced by Colorado Fires Get Much Needed Help

Animal welfare groups are scrambling to come to the rescue of pets and other animals who’ve been affected by the raging wildfires in Colorado. Shelters have taken in scores of dogs and cats, several groups have set up temporary shelters for pets, and the Humane Society’s Red Star rescue team — which includes an 82-foot long “rescue rig” — has been mobilized in Colorado Springs. Want to help? CNN rounds up the many ways you can offer support.

Zoo Animals Make Paw Print Pledges to Protect Elephants

Penguins, porcupines, komodo dragons and elephants at an Australian zoo all dipped their paws in paint, and then stamped their prints on paper as part of the Make Your Mark campaign, which raises awareness for a new elephant conservation project in Thailand. — Watch it at Today

Kori bustard chicks at the National Zoo
Smithsonian's National Zoo
These kori bustard chicks hatched earlier this month at the National Zoo.

National Zoo Has Its Hands Full With Several Feathered Arrivals

The National Zoo’s Bird House is bustling with babies, including a pair of burrowing owls — among the smallest owl species in North America — and two kori bustard chicks. The kori bustards will be hand-raised, increasing the likelihood that they’ll breed successfully in the future. — See photos from the National Zoo

Plus: Last week, we told you about a baby howler monkey at the D.C. zoo who needed a name. The votes are in and the winning name is Loki, after the Norse mythological god of mischief. The zoo says that the moniker suits the inquisitive monkey, who’s even tried to steal his mom’s food!

Do Dogs Really Care About Luxury Doghouses?

Some pups live in the lap of luxury, thanks to extravagant crash pads that can cost their owners more than $25,000. But a report in The New York Times finds that these houses often appeal most to owners — the dogs themselves could care less. — Read it at The New York Times and see photos in their slideshow

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