Pet Scoop: Missing Dachshund Flies Home First Class for Christmas, Cat Survives 11-Story Fall

December 21, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Abby Mason with Addison and Crista Banks
Fox 4 Kansas City
Abby Mason (left) reunites with her dachshund, Addison, in time for Christmas.

Lost Dachshund Returns Home in Style

All that Abby Mason wanted for Christmas was her dog back. Santa delivered — sending the pup to Abby via a first class flight to the girl's Kansas home.

Addison, a 7-year-old Dachshund, disappeared when relatives took her to Florida this summer. She was found as a stray in Tampa, and traced back to Abby through a microchip.

“My meet up group says I am Santa, but instead of a sleigh, I have Delta,” Crista Banks told Fox 4 Kansas City. When Banks heard about Addison, she volunteered to use her sky miles to fly with the dog to Kansas. Banks said that a Delta representative upgraded the duo to first class. — Watch it at Fox 4 Kansas City

Seattle Cat Survives a Tumble From a High-Rise

A 10-year-old cat is back to “running and jumping” after falling from an 11th floor window. Baxter’s owners had just moved into the high-rise and opened a few windows — not realizing that they didn’t have screens. Baxter nudged one of the windows open and fell out. Following two months of recovery from his injuries, he’s “doing all of his normal activities,” said his owner, Diana McDougle. — Read it at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Sutter, California Gov. Jerry Brown's corgi
LA Times
Sutter in the governor's office.

California’s First Dog Gets His Own State Web Page

Gov. Jerry Brown’s Pembroke Welsh corgi, Sutter, plays such a big role in the California state house that his biography is now listed on the official state Web site. Sutter takes his role very seriously — he even participated in budget negotiations. His bio states that he’s “practical and not carried away by the barking constituencies.” — Read it at the LA Times

The National Zoo Names Its New Giant Pacific Octopus

A blindfolded zookeeper helped a Giant Pacific Octopus select a name at random from submissions made by children as part of a National Zoo contest. The octopus chose Pandora, which was suggested by a 10-year-old girl who lives in a northern Virginia suburb. — Read it at Discovery News

Animals Show Off in the Snow

Who doesn’t like to frolic in the fluffy white stuff? From tigers and cougars to horses and pigs, this gallery of wild animals playing in the snow will make you smile. — See the photos at Live Science

Britain's Biggest Dog Recovers From an Injury

It’s not easy to keep all four feet under you when you're Samson, a Newfoundland and Great Dane mix who measures over 7 feet in length! The U.K.'s largest dog recently hurt his paw while on his morning walk — and it’s not this celebrity canine's first injury. Three years ago, a newspaper campaign raised more than $6,000 to help his owners pay for medical bills to repair a damaged ligament in his hind leg. — Read it at the Daily Mail

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