Pet Scoop: Missing Dog Found 3,000 Miles From Home, Study: Chimps Are Naturally Violent

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Gidget was found in Oregon, 3,000 miles from her home in Pennsylvania.
Gidget was found in Oregon, 3,000 miles from her home in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Dog Found in Oregon

A Good Samaritan in Oregon brought Gidget, a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, to the Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter after finding her wandering near Portland, Oregon. The shelter staff checked her microchip and contacted her owner, who said she’s been missing since April 22 — and she lives in Philadelphia. Only Gidget knows the answer to how she got across the country. “A human somehow brought her here, but we don't know who or how,” says Deborah Wood, manager of Washington County Animal Services. Gidget lost a few pounds during her ordeal but is otherwise healthy. Now, the shelter and the dog’s owner are trying to find a way to get her home to Pennsylvania. Her owner, whose name hasn’t been released, can’t afford to fly to Oregon, and they’re hoping to find someone who’s traveling that direction who would be willing to help. "I kind of see this as a Disney story," Wood said. "And we are very committed to the happy ending that we'll figure out how to get her back to her home." — Read it from AP via ABC News

Study: Chimps Are Naturally Violent

You’ve likely heard about chimps “going ape.” Now, a 54-year study has found that their coordinated attacks on each other are part of an innate behavior and not linked to human interference. "Violence is a natural part of life for chimpanzees," said lead researcher Michael Wilson of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. By observing 18 chimpanzee groups and four bonobo groups living in Africa, researchers found that attacks were more common at chimp sites with many males and high population densities. In contrast, the bonobos showed little violence. The study was published in the journal Nature. — Read it at Live Science

Clownfish Make Epic Journeys to New Reefs

A new study finds that baby clownfish — who are only about the size of a grain of rice — can travel up to 250 miles in search of a new reef. Researchers caught hundreds of clownfish living in two coral reefs that are hundreds of miles apart of the coast of Oman. Without harming the fish, they removed a tiny part of a fin from each of them and then released them. A DNA analysis showed that the fish living at Reef A had a different genetic makeup than those at Reef B. They also were able to determine that even though they were so far apart, the reefs were swapping fish. “That larval fish can disperse between remote reef locations is impressive,” saidDavid Coughlin, a professor of biology at Widener University in Pennsylvania, who wasn’t involved in the study. “However, it seems likely that some small number of larval fishes would end up at other reef locations as a matter of chance.” The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. — Read it at National Geographic

"Apparently Kid" Noah Ritter appears in a commercial for FreshPet dog food.
"Apparently Kid" Noah Ritter appears in a commercial for FreshPet dog food.

“Apparently Kid” in Pet Food Ad

Noah Ritter, 5, stole hearts with his overuse of the word “apparently” in a TV interview at a county fair. The video quickly went viral and now has 15 million views, making him recognizable around the country. Now, he’s scored an endorsement deal with FreshPet. He recently taped a commercial for the dog food, where he says, “Apparently FreshPet food is the best food than ordinary dog food,” and “Apparently that’s some good food!” Ritter has two dogs of his own at home. — Read it at USA Today

Man With Asperger Syndrome Builds Cat Maze

Greg Krueger has spent the last 15 years turning his Minnesota home into an amazing playground for his four cats. The structures include 100 yards of overhead catwalks, towers and tunnels with cat-shaped cutouts that go right through the walls. At age 49, Krueger says he was just recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. He says he thinks the autism spectrum disorder has given him the focus he needs to keep perfecting his home for his cats. — See photo at People Pets


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