Pet Scoop: Missing Skiers’ Dog Found Alive in Arctic, Cute New Police Recruit Starts Training

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Kimnik the Husky was rescued from the Arctic after the explorers she was with went missing.
Kimnik the Husky was rescued from the Arctic after the explorers she was with went missing.

Helicopter Crew Rescues Husky

A dog who was accompanying two polar explorers on an Arctic expedition was found alive Saturday by a rescue team. Kimnik, who belongs to a wildlife ranger from Resolute, Canada, was accompanying Dutch skiers and environmental researchers Marc Cornelissen andPhilip de Roo on a scientific study of ice thickness when the two men disappeared. Sadly, the two men are now presumed to have drowned, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called off their search for them Thursday. Cold Facts, the research group that organized their trip, then sent a helicopter crew to the area to rescue Kimnik. "I was surprised at how good of shape he's in after four days of not eating," said the Husky’s owner, Tabitha Mullin, who was happy to be reunited with her dog. — Read it at Canada’s CBC News

Study: Cat Health Problem May Be Linked to Flame Retardants

Researchers in Sweden have found that cats with hyperthyroidism, a common ailment in felines, had high levels of certain flame retardants, suggesting an association between the chemicals and hyperthyroidism. Flame retardants are used in plastics and furniture. The chemicals accumulate in dust that winds up on a cat’s fur coat. The cats then ingest the chemicals when they groom themselves, the researchers said. Blood tests in 37 cats with hyperthyroidism showed they also had elevated levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), which are found in flame retardants. The study was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. — Read it at Health Day

Dolphins Who Live in Compact Spaces Are Friendlier, Study Finds

A 6.5-year study of bottlenose dolphins living in a long, narrow lagoon finds that they were more outgoing with each other than dolphins living at the wider end of the lagoon. “Communities that occupy the narrowest stretches of the Indian River Lagoon have the most compact social networks, similar to humans who live in small towns and have fewer people with whom to interact,” said Elizabeth Murdoch Titcomb, a research biologist from Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) at Florida Atlantic University. In observing the dolphins’ interactions, the researchers found they had dolphins who they liked to hang out with, while there were others who they avoided completely. The study was published in the journal Marine Mammal Science. — Read it at Discovery News

Bloodhound puppy CJ is starting her training with the Fairfax County Police Department.
Bloodhound puppy CJ is starting her training with the Fairfax County Police Department.

Cute New Recruit Starts Training

The Fairfax County Police Department is showing off an adorable new member of the squad: CJ, a 7-week-old Bloodhound who arrived in Northern Virginia from Alabama last week. CJ has moved in with her new handler and will spend the next year starting to train and while she rides alongside K9 Cody. Two of her cousins, K9 Bolt and K9 Silas, already serve with the department. Just like them, she’ll learn how to track down missing adults and children. — Read it from the Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Department via Facebook

Grieving Mama Cat Adopts Three Orphans

When Mikey’s three premature kittens didn’t make it, she seemed heartbroken and would search the house for her kittens, said her owner, Hillary. So, Hillary, who lives in Houston, called a local cat rescue to see if there were kittens in need of a mom. Dori Hillman, the owner of the rescue, put her in touch with two women who were fostering three abandoned kittens who needed constant care. The next day, they decided to introduce the kittens, Teddy, Abby and Lily, to Mikey. The mama cat instantly connected with the orphans. Mikey allowed the kittens to nurse, and within hours of meeting, they were playing, cuddling and sleeping together. Teddy, Abby and Lily will now be raised by Mikey until they’re ready to find homes of their own. — Read it at People Pets


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