Pet Scoop: Monkeys Make History, Singer Carrie Underwood Saves Injured Lab

January 10, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Chimeric monkeys
Roku and Hex aren't just cute, they're one-of-a-kind chimeric monkeys.

Researchers Reveal World’s First Chimeric Monkeys

Roku and Hex are two of three monkeys who were engineered with genes from as many as six different parents at Oregon Health and Science University. Although scientists have done research on chimeric mice for years, these are the world’s first chimeric monkeys. The Oregon researchers, whose study appears in a new issue of the online journal Cell, hope the primates will give them a better idea of what stem cells can do in humans. — Watch it at Reuters via YouTube

Carrie Underwood Rescues Dog Wandering on Highway

The country star was driving home from a holiday visit with her parents when she spotted two injured dogs on the median of an interstate highway. Sadly, one of the dogs had died, but Underwood was able to rush the other pup, a Lab she named Stella, to her own emergency veterinarian. Now Underwood’s neighbors have adopted the lucky Lab. “I cried when she walked out the door," the singer wrote on her blog. “She deserves the best life ever!” — Read it at People Pets

Woman Spends $50,000 to Clone Her Dog

On his daytime talk show, a woman named Danielle told Anderson Cooper that she had her beloved dog Trouble cloned in South Korea for $50,000 — so she could have Double Trouble. “It’s definitely, definitely a big financial decision,” she said. Double Trouble lives with Danielle in her home, which is a shrine to the original Trouble, including a mural and a bedspread with his likeness. — Read it at

Stewie, the world's longest cat

World’s Longest Cat Has Cancer

Stewie, a Maine Coon cat who first made headlines in 2010 for snagging the Guinness Book of World Records title of the longest domesticated feline, has a cancerous growth behind his eye. Vets at Eye Care for Animals have offered to waive the expensive fees for Stewie’s treatment, which includes a biopsy this week to see what the next course of action should be for the famed feline. — Read it at Today and see a video of Stewie on YouTube

California Firefighter Revives a Chihuahua

A firefighter in California was able to save a Chihuahua named Mojo last week after 10 minutes of trying to resuscitate him using a child-sized oxygen mask. "It's was a miracle such a tiny dog, with tiny lungs, could have survived," a public information officer told Today. "But Travis [the firefighter] would not give up trying to revive her." — Read it at Today

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