Pet Scoop: MVP Star Leads Team Ruff to Puppy Bowl Win, Cat Found in Pet Food Warehouse

Feb. 8, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Star, right, ran away with the game, leading Team Ruff to a 70-44 victory over Team Fluff.
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Star, right, ran away with the game, leading Team Ruff to a 70-44 victory over Team Fluff.

4 Quarters of Adorable Puppies

Let’s be honest: the fans are always the real winners of the Puppy Bowl, since we get to watch all of these cuties on the field. But in the actual game on Animal Planet on Sunday, it was Team Ruff that ran away with the toys, topping Team Fluff 70-44. Team Ruff’s secret weapon was Star, a 20-week-old Chow Chow and Labrador Retriever mix who was named MVP of Puppy Bowl XII after scoring three touchdowns. There were other memorable highlights, including a sweet puppy named Posey who overcame her shyness and came out on the field — but only seemed to want to snuggle with the ref. (He didn’t mind.) The players came from 44 shelters and rescues from 25 states across the U.S. And at the end of the game, the puppies were carried off the field by the heroes who adopted them. — Read it at SB Nation

Sea Turtles Suffering From Tumors in Florida

Experts are trying to understand why Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys is filled with endangered green sea turtles suffering from fibropapillomatosis, a potentially deadly disease caused by a type of herpes virus. The infected turtles sometimes require several surgeries to remove tumors that can be the size of golf balls. “When I first started here 20 years ago, I would do six to eight of these a month," says veterinarian Doug Mader of the surgery. "Now we are doing six to eight a week." Experts don’t know exactly how the disease spreads or what causes it, but some research has pointed to agricultural runoff, pollution and global warming. — Read it from AFP via Yahoo

Study Finds No Evidence of Black Dog Syndrome

A new study calls into question the theory that black dogs wait longer to be adopted from shelters than dogs of other colors. The study, published in the journal Animal Welfare, suggests that Black Dog Syndrome doesn’t exist in shelters and that age and breed were more important than coat color when it came to adoptability. In her examination of adoption records for 16,700 dogs at two shelters in the Pacific Northwest, Canisius College Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, found that black dogs actually had shorter stays at shelters. Bully breeds, however, faced disproportionately longer stays. — Read it at Science Daily

With a full tummy, Clive takes a nap after being found in a U.K. pet food warehouse.
Kennelgate Pet Superstores
With a full tummy, Clive takes a nap after being found in a U.K. pet food warehouse.

Cat Found in Pet Food Warehouse

Clive is one clever cat. Some time after disappearing from his home in England more than a year ago, he apparently took up residence someplace where he didn’t have to worry about his next meal — inside the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse. Workers in the warehouse used a trap from a nearby rescue to capture the Norwegian Forest Cat after finding evidence that he was living among the stacked boxes of food. He was caught on Wednesday and returned to his owner. “I can’t believe he’s so porky,” said Clive’s owner, Tanya Irons. “It's a mystery as to where he has been over the past 14 months but we think he couldn't of ended up in a better place, what with all the free pet food he could dream of,” Kennelgate said in a statement. Clive’s owner was found with the help of his microchip. — Read it at NBC News

Polar Bear Cub Melts the Internet

If you missed it over the weekend, the Columbus Zoo revealed the name of its 3-month-old polar bear cub — Nora. That’s a combination of her parents' names, Nanuq and Aurora. The zoo also released a couple of adorable videos of the fluffy bear, who’s being hand-reared, and they quickly went viral. Especially popular was the time lapse vide of Nora starting from when she was one week old until now. At 18 pounds, she just keeps getting cuter! — Read it at Ohio’s


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