Pet Scoop: Newborn Polar Bear Gets Special Care in China, Zoo Wants to Split Up Elephants

January 19, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Polar Bear China cub
This tiny polar bear cub, who was rejected by her mother, is being cared for at an aquarium in China.

Officials Bottle-Feed Abandoned Polar Bear Cub in China

The cub, who weighs just over two pounds and faces health problems, was rejected by her mother after she was born on New Year’s Day. She's being kept in an incubator, while aquarium staff bottle-feeds her and tend to her respiratory and nervous system problems. However, officials say that the adorable cub has a good prognosis: She’s been upgraded to stable condition, and they expect her to make a public appearance in about six months. — Watch the video at the Telegraph

Chicago Official Demands Dog Licenses — for Owners

Just weeks after a jogger was brutally attacked by two dogs, a Chicago alderman wants an overhaul of the city’s pet policies. According to the resolution, new regulations should be “owner/handler specific, such as licensing the owner rather than the animal.” The victim of the attack believes that the dogs were trained to kill, reported NBC Chicago. — Read it at the Chicagoist

Tiny the  30 pound cat
Tiny the cat has packed on more than 30 pounds.

Cat Abandoned at Shelter Weighs 30-Plus Pounds

Tiny the cat is anything but, well, tiny. When staff at a shelter in New Brunswick, Canada, found a box on their doorstep, they thought that someone had donated materials. “Then the box meowed,” said a staff member. Inside, they found a cat who weighed 30.2 pounds, along with an average-sized feline. The obese cat, who they named Tiny, is in a foster home and slowly shedding the pounds. — Read it at People Pets and see the video at KCTV

Battle Brews Over Tucson Zoo Elephants

An Asian elephant named Connie and an African one named Shaba have been pals at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Ariz., for about 30 years. So when the zoo recently announced that Connie would be moving to the San Diego Zoo without her best friend, it caused some uproar. Former “Price Is Right” host, Bob Barker, even offered to donate $500,000 to send the pair to a California sanctuary. Officials from the Tucson zoo now say the duo can both head to the San Diego Zoo together. — Read it at the LA Times

Fiberglass turtle shell
USA Today

Turtle’s Cracked Shell Reconstructed With Fiberglass

After Scorch the turtle was hit by a car and then caught by dogs, he suffered a lot of damage to his shell — but a veterinarian was able to repair the traumatized turtle’s armor using fiberglass. — Watch it at USA Today

Plus: The Wildlife Conservation Society announced that an extremely rare turtle — a Southern River terrapin — caught by fisherman has been fitted with a tracking device and returned to the wild. — Read it at Science Daily

Cleveland Zoo Debuts Rare, Wide-Eyed Aye-Aye

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is one of just six zoos in the U.S. to feature the Aye-Aye, a prosimian native to Madagascar, where it's considered a harbinger of bad luck. — See the photos at The Cleveland Leader

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