Pet Scoop: Newly Adopted Dog Saves Family From Smoke, Blue Whale Surprises Reporter

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Candi, a Terrier mix, was adopted Saturday and credited with saving the lives of her new family members Monday.
Candi, a Terrier mix, was adopted Saturday and credited with saving the lives of her new family members Monday.

Rescue Dog Rescues Family

Just two days after she was adopted, Candi’s family says the 1-year-old Terrier mix saved their lives. The Reyes family was asleep in their South Florida townhouse at about 1 a.m. Monday, when Candi started barking and howling. Sylvia Reyes went downstairs where the dog was to see what was going on, and found the kitchen engulfed in smoke. She said there was a problem with the refrigerator’s compressor that was causing the smoke. Reyes woke up her husband and son, and the family evacuated their home and called 911. "She rescued us. She saved our lives," Silvia Reyes said. "We were sleeping (and) we wouldn't have known otherwise." Candi suffered some injuries in the incident, including smoke inhalation and a collapsed lung, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. — Watch it at Florida’s Local 10

Study: Orangutans With Big Cheeks Attract More Females

A research team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology spent eight years following orangutans at Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia to find out how males with two distinct facial types fare reproductively. There is usually only one male with large, protruding cheek pads in a given area, and he’s usually the dominant male. The cheek pads were suspected to be a sign of fitness and status, making them more attractive to females. The researchers believe this may be true after finding the large-cheeked male in the group they studied fathered more offspring than any of the males without cheek pads. Some other males in the area did father offspring, but they did so only at the beginning and end of the dominant male’s reign. The study was published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. — Read it at the Washington Post

New York Court Won’t Hear Appeals in Chimp Personhood Case

New York state’s Court of Appeals declined Tuesday to hear appeals by The Nonhuman Rights Project, which was seeking legal personhood for chimpanzees Kiko and Tommy. Lower courts had rejected the animal rights group’s argument that the chimps should be qualified for basic rights including freedom from imprisonment because of scientific evidence showing their emotional and cognitive abilities. In December, a midlevel court declined to give human legal rights to Tommy, who lives alone in a cage. The three justices were unanimous in saying that chimps "cannot bear any legal duties, submit to societal responsibilities or be held legally accountable for their actions." — Read it from the AP via Yahoo

BBC One's Steve Backshall was thrilled to see a blue whale during a live TV interview.
BBC One's Steve Backshall was thrilled to see a blue whale during a live TV interview.

Whale Thrills Reporter on Live TV

A reporter for the U.K.’s BBC One got very excited when a massive blue whale appeared in his live shot while he was interviewing an expert aboard a boat in Monterey Bay's National Marine Sanctuary in California Monday. The surprised reporter, Steve Backshall, interrupted whale expert Dorris Welch as soon as he heard about the whale’s presence. “Oh, I’m so, so sorry! I don’t believe I’ve just heard — this is incredible — I’ve heard word that we have on our helicopter [camera] a blue whale! It is to the south of us absolutely clearly, I can see it now, the largest animal ever to have lived on our planet,” Backshall exclaimed. He went on to enthusiastically describe the endangered whales’ plight and the efforts to help them recover. — Watch it at NBC Washington

Anderson Cooper’s Dog Passes Away

CNN “360” anchor and “60 Minutes” correspondent Anderson Cooper paid tribute to his beloved dog Molly on social media Tuesday. “An old picture of my sweet dog Molly, who passed away today,” he wrote with a photo of the Welsh Springer Spaniel snuggling with him. Shortly afterward, he posted another cute picture of Molly’s face. Last year, Cooper spoke about his great love for dogs — and Molly in particular — during a segment he did for CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Does Your Dog Really Love You? "I'm a total dog person. I just really love dogs. I like other people's dogs. I like dogs of all kinds,” he said at the time. — Read it at E! Online


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