Pet Scoop: NYPD Cop Adopts Kitten She Saved, Spooked Dog Found Weeks After Storm

May 3, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

NYPD Officer Nicole Piridis has adopted Apollo, one of the kittens she rescued from a suitcase in Brooklyn.
NYPD Officer Nicole Piridis has adopted Apollo, one of the kittens she rescued from a suitcase in Brooklyn.

Three Rescued Kittens Get Homes

In March, we told you about how NYPD officers saved the lives of several kittens who were cruelly abandoned in a suitcase in Brooklyn. Now, there’s sweet news to report: one of the kittens has been adopted by NYPD Officer Nicole Piridis, who fell for him the day she saved him and his littermates. When Pirdis initially brought the kittens to the apartment of the woman who’d called 911, little Apollo kept coming to her. “I picked him up, and he fell asleep,” Piridis said. “We locked eyes ... I’m like, ‘I’m taking him. He’s mine.’” First though, Apollo and his young siblings had to be treated by the ASPCA. Sadly, two of the seven kittens found in the suitcase didn’t survive. Two females, Oxsana and Albina, are still being treated and aren’t yet ready for adoption. But three of the kittens, who are now three months old, went to new homes over the weekend. Apollo went home with Piridis; her close friend adopted Inessa and re-named her Persephone; and Ilyo was also adopted on Sunday, reported “This is an incredible outcome for these vulnerable kittens who were callously discarded,” said the ASPCA’s Howard Lawrence. — Read it at the New York Daily News

Colorful New Frog Found in Amazon Rain Forest

A bright yellow frog with orange feet was discovered in a tree in the protected FlorestaNacional de Pau-Ros in Brazil. Pedro Peloso, a herpetologist with the American Museum of Natural History in New York, said he could hear the frog’s call and pulled back tree branches while standing in his boat to find it. He named the new 22-millimeter frog Dendropsophusmapinguari,after amythicalrain forestbeastcalled themapinguari. He describes the frog in South American Journal of Herpetology. — Read it at National Geographic

Rescued Dolphin Released Off Louisiana Coast

Six months after he was found on a beach, a dolphin named Octavius has become the first dolphin to be rescued, rehabilitated and returned to the wild off the coast of Louisiana. The 6.5-foot, approximately 3-year-old dolphin was likely washed onshore by high waters and rough seas from Hurricane Patricia in October. He was named after a veterinarian who cared for him at the Audubon Nature Institute, where he was treated and nursed back to health. He swam off into the wild last week, and will continue to be closely monitored. — Read it at Inside Edition via Yahoo

Pluto was reunited with his family in Texas several weeks after running off after a hailstorm.
Pluto was reunited with his family in Texas several weeks after running off after a hailstorm.

Spooked Dog Reunited With Family

Last month, a violent hailstorm hit Wylie, Texas, leaving the McCaffrey family’s home unlivable. While they were examining the damage and clearing debris from their backyard, their scared dog ran through an open fence gate and disappeared. They spotted him several times over the next few weeks but Pluto kept running off. The desperate family shared photos of him on social media and a rescue group put out traps. Finally, their lucky break came when Pluto was spotted playing with Walter, another dog in the neighborhood. He stuck around long enough for his owners to get there. “Once he finally realized who I was, he leaped into my arms,” said Trevor McCaffrey. “He was ready to finally go home.” — Watch it at Dallas’ WFAA

Duck Family Waddles Through Elementary School

For the last 13 years, Vanessa has known exactly where to go to lay her eggs: the courtyard of the Village Elementary School in Michigan. Since her ducklings are too young to fly when she needs to leave the courtyard, the school has made special accommodations for the mama duck. Vanessa waits by the courtyard door for it to be unlocked, then leads her family through the school on a path created by the staff. “It’s so unusual, but everyone gets so invested in this duck because how cool is it that she comes back each and every year,” said Elizabeth Krause, a parent at the school who’s watched Vanessa and her ducklings for many years. — Watch it at Michigan’s Livingston Daily


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