Pet Scoop: NYPD Saves Kittens Trapped in Suitcase, Retweets Could Win Pup for Teen

March 16, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

NYPD officers saved six tiny gray kittens who were abandoned in a suitcase.
NYPD officers saved six tiny gray kittens who were abandoned in a suitcase.

Cute Kittens Rescued in New York

NYPD officers came to the rescue of six 1 to 2-week-old kittens who were left inside a half-open suitcase in an abandoned parking lot in Brooklyn last week. The officers took the tiny gray kittens to the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, where one was treated for an injury to its ear and they were all treated for undernourishment. The police said a surveillance video shows someone throwing the suitcase over a fence, and they’re asking for the public’s help in finding the person who cruelly abandoned them. The kittens are now in the custody of the ASPCA, reported the New York Daily News, and it doesn’t sound like they’ll have any trouble finding homes for them when they’re big enough. “There were people lined up to take them. Cops were looking to take them home,” said Capt. William Gardner, commanding officer of the NYPD’s 90th Precinct. — Read it at the New York Post

Iditarod Champ Wins for 4th Time

Dallas Seavey made record time as he crossed the finish line for Alaska’s Iditarod dog-sled race early Tuesday morning, and won the iconic competition for the fourth time — and he’s just 29 years old. He completed the 1,000-mile race in just 8 days and 11 hours. Second place went to Seavey’s father, Mitch, who took first place in 2013. They also finished in first and second place last year. Dallas broke his own record from last year by an hour and 44 minutes. Garlands of yellow roses were draped around the winner’s lead dogs, littermates Reef and Tide, during the celebration at the finish line. “I still don’t know how we got here so dang fast,” he said. — Read it at the Alaska Dispatch News

Study: Storks Ditch Winter Migration for Landfills

New research finds that white storks don’t seem to need to migrate from Europe to Africa each winter for food any longer because they can find plenty of junk food in landfills in Spain and Portugal. “We found that the landfill sites enable year-round nest use, which is an entirely new behavior that has developed very recently,” said lead researcher Aldina Franco, of the University of East Anglia. “This strategy enables the resident birds to select the best nest sites and to start breeding earlier.” The findings were published in the journalMovement Ecology. — Read it at Discovery News

Clara Foster, 17, is hoping to adopt this puppy — if the picture is retweeted 100,000 times.
Clara Foster, 17, is hoping to get this puppy — if the picture is retweeted 100,000 times.

Retweets Could Earn Teen a Puppy

Like many kids, 17-year-old Clara Foster has been begging her dad for a puppy. After her beloved 13-year-old dog passed away recently, she asked her father what she could do to convince him to let her get her a puppy — and she came up with the idea of retweets on Twitter. “How many retweets do I need for you to say yes to the puppy,” she texted her dad, Tony. “1,000,000,” he replied. She negotiated the total down to 100,000 and he agreed. Now, two weeks later, @claraf_ication is almost halfway there — she had 49,000 retweets as of this morning, and her story has made national headlines. We’ll be watching to see if she gets the adorable puppy she wants! — Read it at Today

Adorable Baby Seal Frolics With Mom

A new video from a Japanese aquarium is melting hearts all over the world. The footage from Kamogawa Sea World shows the fluffy ringed seal pup who was born on Feb. 21 spending time with her mom — sweetly nuzzling her, following her and going for a swim with her. The little one is expected to lose her fur in about eight weeks. — Watch it at NBC News

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