Pet Scoop: Officer Adopts the Abandoned Dog She Saved, Baby Otter Gets a New Home

March 30, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Baltimore Police Officer Acord adopted Grayson, who she found abandoned in a vacant home.
Baltimore Police Officer Acord adopted Grayson, who she found abandoned in a vacant home.

Baltimore Cop Rescues Dog Twice

When she found a Terrier mix cruelly tied to a doorknob inside a vacant house earlier this month, Baltimore Police Officer Acord rescued him — and quickly fell in love with the beautiful gray dog. The dog was transported to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), and when no one arrived to claim him, Acord started the adoption process. “Officer Acord visited our shelter EVERY single day Grayson was here, to check on him and tell him she was bringing him home after his legal, three-day stray hold was up,” the shelter posted on Facebook with news of the adoption Monday. Grayson is now happily at home with Acord. “That's one lucky dog,” one Facebook user commented on the police department’s photo. “Thank you to Officer Acord for taking the time not only to find the dog in the first place, but for following up and giving this pup a home.” — Read it at People Pets

Zoo Atlanta Panda Gets Artificially Inseminated

The last time 18-year-old Lun Lun gave birth, she made history — becoming mom to the first surviving panda set of twins in the U.S. in 2013. Zoo Atlanta said the panda was artificially inseminated Monday, when she showed signs that she was in her brief window of fertility. In addition to the twins, Mei Lun and Mei Huan, Lun Lun and her partner Yang Yang have three other offspring together, but they’ve never mated naturally in their 17 years as a couple. All of their babies have been conceived using artificial insemination. If Lun Lun becomes pregnant from the procedure, she would give birth sometime this summer. — Read it from the AP via ABC News

Study: Apes Remember Old Friends’ Voices for Years

You know what it’s like when you hear an old friend’s voice after a long time apart. New research shows that our closest living relative, the bonobo ape, remember the voices of their friends for several years, too. The research team recorded the calls of several individual apes and played them to apes they’d known years before. When the voice on the recording was familiar to the apes, they’d become excited and start searching for their friend. But, they had little reaction to the recorded calls of bonobos they’d never met. The scientists concluded the apes were capable of remembering the voice of a former group member, even after they’d been separate for five years. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. — Read it at

Oliver, a river otter pup, was flown to a new home at an aquarium in Denver.
Oliver, a river otter pup, was flown to a new home at an aquarium in Denver.

Otter Pup Flown to New Home

A river otter pup who was found at a Florida gas station has a new home in Colorado. A patron rescued the otter, who was then rehabilitated by Kris Porter at the Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife. "I have raised many otters in my 35 years, and I knew this little boy was special right from the start," Porter said of the pup, who was named Oliver. Although she would have loved to release him back into the wild in his home state, Porter said it was clear Oliver had imprinted on humans. So, a forever home was found for him at Landry’s Downtown Aquarium in Denver. Oliver and Porter were flown to Denver by FedEx last week. “I couldn't have found a more spectacular home for an orphan that will always hold a place in my heart," Porter said. — Read it at Colorado’s Gazette

Dog in Maternity Photo Shoot Has Her Puppies

Less than two weeks ago, a celebrity-like photo shoot of a very pregnant dog named Lilica went viral. Now, we’ve learned that Lilica became a mom just one day after the photos were taken. New images of her five babies in a photo shoot of their own reveal that they’re as adorable as she is — and she looks quite proud of her little ones. The four boys and one girl will go to live with the adult children of Lilica’s owner. — See photos at Buzzfeed


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