Pet Scoop: Officer May Adopt Dog He Rescued From Canal, Puppies Saved From Tight Spot

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An Australian Shepherd mix was pulled from a Phoenix canal moments before drowning.
An Australian Shepherd mix was pulled from a Phoenix canal moments before drowning.

Hero Wants to Give Pup a Home

A police officer who helped save a struggling Australian Shepherd mix from a canal in Phoenix would love to give her a forever home. When the officer spotted the pup on Saturday, she was in search of water. But she got herself into danger when she leaned over the steep edge of a flowing canal to try to take a drink. The officer saw her tumble in and get swept up in the strong current, and called animal rescuers from the Arizona Humane Society for help. After several unsuccessful attempts to catch her as she treaded water for an hour, she passed out from exhaustion, the AHS said. Thankfully, one of the rescuers managed to grab ahold of her right before she slipped under the water and got her to the AHS’ animal hospital for help. She was malnourished and suffering from wounds she got while trying to climb out of the canal, but she’s been making an amazing recovery. “Poor thing has been through so much but she’s pure sweetness,” said Ashleigh Goebel of the AHS. The officer who initially found the pup plans to adopt her if an owner doesn’t come forward. — Read it at People Pets

Animals in Flooded Louisiana Need Help

Horses, dogs and other animals displaced by the unprecedented flooding in Baton Rouge have filled the stalls and rodeo area at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, where thousands of people are being sheltered. The animals are desperately in need of supplies, said volunteer Jodie Summers. "We had to quit (after) 24 hours yesterday on rescues because our own area is starting to flood. We are running out of stalls. We are running out of hay. We are running out of feed," she said.They’re most in need of buckets and hay for the horses, she said. — Find out how to help at

New State Law Gives Research Animals Second Chance

A law passed Tuesday in New York ensures dogs and cats subjected to testing in research labs at least be put up for adoption when testing is complete, instead of being euthanized. “This is a humane law that, for these animals, provides the opportunity for a new lease on life,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Dogs and cats are like members of the family for many New Yorkers and this action will allow for more four-legged friends to be adopted into a caring home.” The measure was backed by the Beagle Freedom Project, which is dedicated to helping research animals. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Firefighters in Oklahoma City saved six puppies from a hole under a house.
Firefighters in Oklahoma City saved six puppies who were trapped in a hole under a house.

Firefighters Rescue Pups From Hole

Oklahoma City firefighters came to the aid of six adorable puppies who somehow became trapped in a 5-foot deep hole underneath a home. The rescuers lined up to pass the puppies up to safety from inside the tight space, which was beginning to fill with water. “All 6 puppies waited patiently for their turn to be rescued,” the fire department wrote in a Facebook post where they shared a video of the rescue. “Cute lil rascals, aren't they!” The puppies weren’t injured and were happily reunited with their family. — Read it at UPI

Kitten Survives 80-Mile Trip in Car Engine

A little orange kitten made it through not one but two trips in the engine of a minivan on Sunday. Kelly Hawthorne said she was driving from Clinton, Missouri, to Shawnee, Kansas, when she heard kitten noises and popped the hood. A kitten quickly ran out. But later, when her family went out to eat, they heard meows again. The family was shocked that the kitten came back, and survived a second trip. The family is now taking care of the stray kitten. — Read it at Kansas City’s Fox4KC


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