Pet Scoop: Officer Saves Cat From Busy Highway, Orphaned Kitten Befriends Puppy

March 27, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Indianapolis Police Sgt. Randy Dodd rescued Plinko from traffic on a busy Interstate.
Indianapolis Police Sgt. Randy Dodd rescued Plinko from traffic on a busy Interstate.

Police Slow Traffic to Save Cat

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Randy Dodd was driving on busy Interstate 465 last week when he spotted a cat wandering along the side of the road. “It was a little nerve-wracking because traffic was so close,” Dodd said. He called the state police for backup, and they sent two cars to help Dodd rescue the cat. “They slowed traffic down just enough for me to grab my blanket and jump the wall, do a little chase with her. She finally let me catch her. Once I got her in the blanket, I jumped back over the wall. Put her in my car, and she was crying. Kept her in a blanket, turned on the heat.” He brought the cat, now named Plinko, to FACE, a low-cost animal clinic where she received her vaccinations and was treated for a cut near her eye. She’ll be up for adoption in the next couple of weeks. — Watch it at Indiana’s WISH

Pet Licenses Doubled Last Year in Washington, D.C.

Washington’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer reported in a recent blog post that the number of annual pet licenses issued in the city more than doubled from fiscal year 2013 to 2014, from 1,809 to 3,697. The number includes mostly dogs, whose owners have to prove their pet has had vaccines for rabies and distemper. Licenses aren’t required in the city for cats, but they are necessary for pigeon coops and some exotic animals. The number doesn’t account for any pets whose owners don’t comply with the license requirements. — Read it at the Washington Post

Study: Bats Copy Each Other’s Flight Plans

New research from the U.K.’s University of Bristol finds that bats avoid colliding with each other while they’re searching for food by listening to a nearby bat and copying their route. Researchers recorded video of the flight trajectories and interactions of pairs of Daubenton's bats as they foraged for insects over low water using echolocation. They then used modeling tools and mathematical function to measure the calls and compare the flight headings of interacting pairs of bats. They determined the bats followed “traffic rules” to avoid collisions. "The bats seem to have adopted a simple trick: once another individual is close enough for your biosonar to pick up its echo, copy this individual's flight direction within four to five of your own wingbeats,” said researcher Marc Holderied. The study was published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. — Read it at Discovery News

Chip the puppy and Adele the kitten have become fast friends at their foster home.
Chip the puppy and Adele the kitten have become fast friends at their foster home.

Orphaned Kitten, Pup Are Pals

If you haven’t yet met Chip and Adele, allow us to introduce you. Chip is a 5-week-old Chihuahua puppy who was surrendered to Operation Kindness in Texas. The same week, a 4-week-old stray kitten was found. Because both were too young to stay in the shelter, they were placed together in a foster home. “They instantly bonded and became sweet friends,” said their foster, Natalie Buxton. She says Chip is “sweet and laid-back,” and his kitty counterpart loves to climb everything. But there’s something they have in common: they love to snuggle together. Now, the shelter is hoping to find a home for them together, once they’re old enough to be adopted. — See photos at Buzzfeed and get updates on Facebook

Seattle Police Go on Wild Goat Chase

Police were called in to corral a group of 10 goats and bring them home after they chased a group of children. Then, the real fun started, as the department hit Twitter with fun (and pun) filled updates. “BREAKING: 10 goats in custody after brief hoof chase,” they Tweeted, followed by “You herd right! Officers corralled 10 goats.” They later created a parody movie poster of “The Great Escape,” making it “The Goat Escape.” — Read it at ABC News


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