Pet Scoop: Officer Uses Baby Oil to Free Kitten, Stray Dog Rescued From Hunting Trap

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A kitten saved from the door panel of a truck is named Dodge.
A kitten saved from the door panel of a truck is named Dodge.

Deputy Adopts Kitten He Rescued

A tiny black kitten is free after a slippery situation in Florida. Last week, Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony McDaniel and other authorities responded to a call that a woman needed help getting a stray kitten out of the door panel of her Dodge truck. The kitten was caught in the door hinge, and was being pinched each time the door moved slightly. McDaniel had the idea to use baby oil to grease the kitten up, and then he slipped right out of the hinge. The woman who called for help took the kitten in — but her other cats weren’t happy with that idea. When she posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to adopt the kitten, McDaniel and his family jumped at the chance, and named the little guy Dodge. — Read it from the Seminole County Sheriff via Facebook

Study: Monkeys Make Tools They Don’t Use

Researchers have observed capuchin monkeys in Brazil deliberately breaking stones and unintentionally creating flakes that resemble tools created by Stone Age hominins. But the flakes appear to just be the byproduct of hammering the monkeys do, rather than tools they intend to use. Otherwise, the researchers said it’s unclear why the monkeys break the stones, but it may be to extract minerals from them. They never saw them use the flakes. They said the behavior raises “important questions too about the uniqueness of early hominin behavior.” The study was published in the journal Nature. — Read it at

Florida Zoo Cares for Baby Turtles After Hurricane

The Brevard Zoo in Florida is rehabilitating 74 baby turtles rescued from the Space Coast after they were washed ashore by Hurricane Nicole. Most of the turtles are loggerheads, and there were a few green turtles mixed in. The tiny turtles were eating bits of plastic instead of the food they needed to grow when they were rescued. “When we get strong storm events, we'll see turtles that are weakened wash back to the beach,” said the zoo’s Melanie Stadler. “Right now, the whole East Coast is inundated with washbacks.” — Read it at Florida Today

Nittany is now recovering from surgery after she was found with a hunting trap caught on her leg.
Nittany is now recovering from surgery after she was found with a hunting trap caught on her leg.

Dog Caught in Hunt Trap Rescued

A stray black Lab mix puppy named Nittany is recovering after surgery to amputate her leg, which was severely injured when she was found with a hunting trap caught on her leg in Pennsylvania. Volunteers with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society spent two days trying to catch Nittany after she was spotted with the trap on her leg. Once they got ahold of her, they immediately got her help. She had her surgery yesterday thanks to donations to the Humane Society, and will be headed back to the shelter to recover today. The shelter says the “very loving girl” is in good spirits, and thanked the community for their support — including the person who anonymously sent her flowers. Several people offered to adopt her in Facebook comments about her plight. — Read it from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society via Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s Daughter Loves Her Pup

In a post Wednesday, the Facebook founder shared an adorable photo of his 1-year-old daughter playing with his Hungarian sheepdog — and revealed her first word. It wasn’t mom or dad who got the honor, though. It was Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan’s famed Puli, Beast. “Max loves Beast. Her first word: dog,” Zuckerberg captioned the sweet photo. Beast has 2 million fans on Facebook, and one little one right at home. — See photo at Today


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