Pet Scoop: Officers Save Pup Hit by Truck on Bridge, Adorable Rare Pygmy Hippo Born

Sept. 19, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Port Authority Police Officers Fred Corrubia, left, and Jonathan Harder saved 6-month-old Ronin.
Port Authority Police Department
Port Authority Police Officers Fred Corrubia, left, and Jonathan Harder saved 6-month-old Ronin.

Pup Rescued From New York Bridge

A 6-month-old puppy is recovering after a harrowing experience on a major bridge in New York City. Ronin was out for a walk with his owner’s fiancé in the northern part of Manhattan when he broke free from his collar and ran away on Sept. 10. He wandered to a very dangerous place: the George Washington Bridge, which connects New York and New Jersey. He was hit by a truck, but thankfully, two Port Authority police officers saw the incident and raced to save Ronin. They got him to a local animal hospital, where his injured leg was treated. The next day, he was reunited with his owner, Desiree Justin. “I told (the officers), ‘You saved my family, but you also saved my marriage,’” she joked. “They really restored my faith in humanity.” Now, Ronin has a new middle name: Lucky George. — Read it at the New York Daily News

16 Stranded Dolphins Saved

In a “well-choreographed dance,” rescue teams helped 16 dolphins who became stranded in shallow water on a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, during low tide last week. With help from the public, a team from the International Fund for Animal Welfare moved the animals onto stretchers and then onto special carts. They were placed in trucks that transported them to a beach with deeper waters. “These animals were just so stunningly beautiful, so it was sad to see them stranded but amazing to watch everyone get together and help out,” said Sarah Pechukas Slivka, a local resident. — Read it at ABC News

Rio Hosts Dog Olympics

On the final day of the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, a group of four-legged athletes showed off their own skills in Brazil’s first Dog Olympic Games. Dogs of all breeds and ages joined in the competition for medals in diving, jumping, swimming and running at Toto’s Park Club on Sunday. Mima, a 9-month-old Beagle who looked thrilled, won gold in aquatic jumping. “I didn't even know she had all this talent,” said owner Aura Stella. — See photos at Fox News

A baby pygmy hippo sticks by his mom's side at the Bristol Zoo.
A baby pygmy hippo sticks by his mom's side at the Bristol Zoo.

Pygmy Hippo Cuddles With Mom

An adorable 1-month-old endangered pygmy hippo was born to parents Sirana and Nato at the U.K.’s Bristol Zoo. The family was bonding behind the scenes until their exhibit was reopened to the public last week. “The calf is looking very strong and he certainly feeds well,” said the zoo’s curator of mammals, Lynsey Bugg. “Like any youngster, he wants to be close to mum at all times and is often seen by her side. He spends short periods of time in the water but is not quite as good at swimming as his parents, so we often see Sirana guiding her little one back into the shallow water. Young hippos tire easily.” It’s believed there are less than 2,000 elusive pygmy hippos left in the wild. — Read it at the U.K.’s Bristol Zoo

Dying Dog Lives to See Owners’ Wedding

Charlie, a 15-year-old black Labrador Retriever, had lived through a lot with his owner, Kelly O’Connell, since she rescued him when he was a puppy and she was just 19 years old. Earlier this year, though, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. O’Connell and her fiancé, who are both veterinarians, had been watching Charlie closely and hoping he’d survive to see their wedding in Colorado this month, but thought the worst when he started to decline just before the big event. Amazingly, though, Charlie rallied just in time for the wedding. “It was almost as ifhe was like ‘no I want to see this.’ He got better,” O’Connell said. He made it down the aisle, and in a sweet moment captured by the wedding photographer, the bride’s sister carried him back up when he couldn’t do it on his own. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, but his people where so glad Charlie was there — and O’Connell smothered him with kisses after the ceremony. He passed away a few days after the wedding. — See photos at the Washington Post


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