Pet Scoop: Olate Dogs Advance on “America’s Got Talent,” Cloned Dog Becomes a Dad

July 26, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Olate dogs on America's Got Talent
The Olate dogs are heading into the semifinals on America's Got Talent.

Olate Dogs Make It to the Semifinals on America's Got Talent

They jump through obstacle courses on their hind legs, and do lightning-fast rounds of backflips. So it may be no surprise that the amazing Olate Dogs were one of four acts to make it through Wednesday night’s elimination round on America’s Got Talent, moving onto the upcoming semifinals. “This canine act really puts the dancing dog that won Britain's Got Talent this past season to shame,” writes a Los Angeles Times reviewer. The judges are fans, too — dog lover Sharon Osbourne even threatened to kidnap the fluffy troupe. — Read it at The Star-Ledger, and watch their performance at NBC

Gorillas Join Forces to Dismantle Poacher Traps

The staff at a gorilla research center in Rwanda was heartened to witness young gorillas working together to disable poachers’ snares. "We knew that gorillas do this, but all of the reported cases in the past were carried out by adult gorillas, mostly silverbacks," gorilla program coordinator Veronica Vecellio told ABC News. "How they did it demonstrated an impressive cognitive skill." — Read it at ABC News

Minnesota Zoo

Tiger Cubs Meet at Minnesota Zoo

An Amur tiger cub at the Minnesota Zoo has a new buddy — a cub who was transferred from the Saint Louis Zoo. Keepers hope that the social interaction between the two girls will enforce their natural behavior. — Read it from the Minnesota Zoo

Plus: Visitors at the National Zoo got a treat on Wednesday when they witnessed the birth of a critically endangered dama gazelle — and the animal's first steps. — See the photo from the National Zoo

Man Pays Eatery to Let 17-Pound Lobster Go Free

A lobster nicknamed "Lucky Larry" by local children lived up to his name this week. Connecticut resident Don MacKenzie paid The Dock restaurant in Waterford to take the crustacean off its menu — and released him at a secret Long Island sound location as kids chanted, "Let Larry live." According to MacKenzie, "It takes seven years for him to even become a lobster big enough to keep. For a lobster to live this long and avoid lobster traps, nets, lobster pots . . . he doesn't deserve a bib and butter." — Read it at the Huffington Post

Lancey the Cloned Dog Is Now a Dad

Lancelot Encore, a yellow Labrador Retriever, made headlines in 2009 when Nina and Edgar Otto announced that they’d paid $155,000 to have their beloved dog cloned. Now Lancey has fathered eight healthy puppies — and the Ottos will get the pick of the litter. — Read it at Today

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