Pet Scoop: Orlando Bloom Saves Injured Stray Dog, Bengal Cat Eats 27 Hair Ties

Oct. 25, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A stray dog in China is recovering after being saved by actor Orlando Bloom.
A stray dog in China is recovering after being saved by actor Orlando Bloom.

Actor Rescues Dog in China

While shooting his latest film, British actor Orlando Bloom came to the rescue of an abandoned dog he found injured in the streets of Shanghai, China. Bloom, 39, known to be a dog lover, was working on Smart Chase: Fire & Earth, when he found the dog, and documented her rescue on social media. “This lil’ girl,” he wrote with a broken heart emoji with a photo of her injury. He immediately got her to a local veterinarian — where he assisted in her care. A short video shows the Lord of the Rings star helping to carefully shave her fur and bathe her, even telling the vet when the water was too hot. By the end, the sweet dog was resting peacefully while wearing an E-collar. We’re sure Bloom’s own 13-year-old dog would be happy to know he’d helped this fellow canine get on the road to recovery. — Read it at Yahoo News

Cat Swallows 27 Hair Ties

When Mowglie, a 10-year-old Bengal cat, was throwing up and generally not feeling well, his owner took him to the San Francisco SPCA. The vet decided to do exploratory surgery, and found that the cat apparently had an affinity for hair ties: a whopping 27 of them were found in his stomach. The vet said Mowglie could have been eating the ties over a long period of time before there were enough in his stomach to cause him this trouble. The ties were removed in the surgery, and Mowglie is expected to make a full recovery. — Read it at San Francisco’s KRON 4

Study: Noise Can Affect How Animals Use Scents

New research finds that noise from humans can have a detrimental impact on an animal’s use of scent, putting them at a greater risk of being attacked by predators. Scientists from the U.K.’s University of Bristol used recordings to show that mongooses in South Africa had a harder time detecting predator feces when road noises were played. Even after they did detect the feces, they took in less information from the smell and were less vigilant when the additional noise was present, making them more vulnerable to danger. The study was published in the journey Current Biology. — Read it at Science Daily

Buttercup, a 2-year-old giraffe, peeks his head out of his trailer before exploring his new home at the Oregon Zoo.
Buttercup, a 2-year-old giraffe, peeks his head out of his trailer before exploring his new home at the Oregon Zoo.

Giraffe Moves in Extra-Tall Trailer

A 2-year-old Masai giraffe was transferred this week from the Santa Barbara Zoo to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Buttercup, who’s 12 feet tall, made the 1,000-mile journey to his new home in an extra-tall trailer equipped with a video camera so keepers could make sure he was safe inside. Once he arrived, Buttercup was given access to an indoor space and a walled-off section of the yard. In a video of his arrival, the majestic animal poked his head out of his trailer and took it all in before stepping out to explore — and get a snack from an encouraging keeper. He’ll spend the next month adjusting to his new home and getting to know his new companions, Bakari and Desi, before he meets visitors at the zoo. — Watch it from the Oregon Zoo

Ryan Lochte Wishes His Dog a Happy 8th Birthday, for a 3rd Year

Maybe being 8 for Ryan Lochte’s dog is like being 39 for Jack Benny — he doesn’t want to reveal his real age and will just be 8 every year? On Sunday, the Olympic swimmer Tweeted happy birthday wishes for his Doberman, Carter, who he calls his son. But he raised some eyebrows because he said the pooch was turning 8 — for the third year in a row. Lochte has since deleted this year’s Tweet and replaced it with one wishing Carter a happy 9th birthday, which would line up with what he’s previously said was his date of birth, Oct. 23, 2007. Of course, the Internet caught wind of the snafu before he could make the switch, and had plenty of jokes to make about it. However old you are this year, Carter, we hope you have a great celebration! — Read it at CBS News


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