Pet Scoop: Owner and Dog Save Each Other From Fire, Surgery Saves Kittens’ Sight

June 30, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

The Bova family credits Bailey to alerting them to a devastating fire in their Connecticut home.
The Bova family credits Bailey to alerting them to a devastating fire in their Connecticut home.

Dog Alerts Owner to Fire

Randy Bova was cleaning his room in the Connecticut home he shares with his mother and brother when the family dog, Bailey, raced upstairs and started barking frantically outside his door. Randy followed her downstairs and found the first floor full of smoke. Scared and confused, the hero dog then ran into her kennel — and that’s when Randy saved her. He pulled her out of the crate and carried her outside to safety. “It wasn’t till then that Randy realized the entire house was engulfed in flames,” his brother, Robert, wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to cover the family’s expenses. He said Bailey “absolutely” saved his brother’s life last weekend, and that “it’s a blessing we have her as a pet.” — Read it at the Huffington Post

Half of Adélie Penguins Threatened by Global Warming

New climate data suggests the warming climate may cause massive drops in Antarctica’s population of Adélie penguins. The birds, who breed on rocky, ice-free ground, actually benefitted as glaciers receded over the course of millions of years. But “many regions of Antarctica have warmed too much and that further warming is no longer positive for the species," wrote study co-author Megan Cimino of the University of Delaware. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, predicted that about half of the Adélie penguins could disappear by 2099. — Read it at Live Science

Beloved Military Dog Gets Honorable Sendoff

A Michigan family that’s served in the military for generations had a solemn sendoff earlier this month for Rico, the German Shepherd who toured in Afghanistan with Russ Beckley, Jr. Rico retired four years ago and went to live with Beckley’s parents, Tammy and Russ Sr., because Russ Jr., 27, was still on active duty. It didn’t take long for Rico to bond with his handler’s dad. “He lived for me every minute,” the elder Beckley said. “At night I would get up to go to the bathroom, and he would lay down by the door. If I left for a weekend, he wouldn't eat until I got home.” Over the last two years, the loyal dog’s health started to decline, and a heartbroken Beckley family made the decision to put him down. The younger Beckley traveled home to Michigan for 40 hours in order to join family members and the local community for an honorable sendoff for Rico. — See photos at Today

Five kittens born without eyelids had successful surgery to save their sight.
Five kittens born without eyelids had successful surgery to save their sight.

Kittens Get Surgery to Save Sight

Like the Hunger Games characters they were named for, five kittens born in Oklahoma City have faced struggles at a young age. Prim, Rue, Katniss, Theo and Alex, who are now 10 weeks old, were all born without eyelids. Luckily, donations poured in from the community — and as far away as Japan — to cover the costs of the kittens’ surgeries at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners. Without help, the kittens would eventually lose their sight from scratched and scarred corneas, said Dr. Kevin Donnelly, who operated on them. He expects all of the kittens to recover well. They’ll soon be ready for adoption through the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. — Watch it at Oklahoma City’s News 9

Corgi Con Is All Kinds of Adorable

Last weekend, 700 stubby-legged pups from all over the country descended on Ocean Beach in San Francisco for the summer’s cutest conference: Corgi Con. The event started in 2013 and has quickly grown. “This is the perfect excuse to come to the beach. The event exceeded our expectations and clearly there is big love for these Corgis,” said event founder Cynthia Lee. Corgi Con includes costume contests, races through the sand and fundraising for a Corgi rescue. The event happens twice a year, and the next one is slated for October. — Watch it at ABC News


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