Pet Scoop: Panda Cub Gets Emergency Surgery, Dog Who Loves Santa Toy Meets Man

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Bei Bei is recovering from lifesaving surgery to remove an obstruction in his intestines.
Bei Bei is recovering from lifesaving surgery to remove an obstruction in his intestines.

Bei Bei Recovering From Surgery

The National Zoo’s 1-year-old panda cub was briefly reunited with his mom Saturday after undergoing lifesaving surgery on Friday. Veterinarians removed a mass of bamboo the size of a lemon that was blocking Bei Bei’s intestines. The bear started showing signs of discomfort on Thursday, including vomiting, not eating and sleeping more than usual. The blockage was found with an ultrasound on Friday morning. After he responded to his mom’s vocalizations on Saturday, Bei Bei’s keepers decided to reintroduce the two to help him settle down. While he was initially excited, he then nursed for 20 minutes and fell asleep with his mom. He’s beginning to eat soft foods — but his keepers will avoid giving him bamboo for the time being. — Read it at USA Today

Study: Dogs Remember What We Do

New research shows that dogs pay attention and remember our actions, even when the events don’t carry any particular importance. The researchers trained 17 dogs with a training method called “Do as I Do.” They were trained to lie down after watching a human action, including simple things like touching an umbrella or grabbing a purse. Then the researcher would say “Do it!” and the dogs would do what they saw the person do earlier. To do this, they’d have to recall what they’d seen the person do, even though they’d had no reason to think they’d need to remember it at the time. The study was published in the journal Current Biology. — Read it at Live Science

Dog Eats $1.18 in Change

A 2-year-old American Eskimo Spitz named Lucky lived up to his name last week when he survived after swallowing four quarters, three pennies, a nickel and a dime. His owner, Terri Luxmore, brought him to see a specialist at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Michigan after the lethargic dog’s bloodwork showed his liver was failing. From Lucky’s symptoms, Dr. Brian Young suspected he might be reacting to zinc, which is found in pennies made before 1982 — and is “extremely toxic.” He used an endoscope to remove the coins from Lucky’s stomach, and he is expected to make a full recovery. — Read it at Michigan Live

Kya, a Shiba Inu, was thrilled to meet Santa Claus in her local mall.
Kya, a Shiba Inu, was thrilled to meet Santa Claus in her local mall.

Dog Delighted to Meet “Real” Santa

When brother and sister John and Angelina Montaldo first got their Shiba Inu, Kya, they bought her a toy Santa Claus from a dollar store — and it became her favorite. So, when they heard their local mall in Orlando, Florida, was offering pet photos with Santa, they decided to bring Kya to see her toy come to life. They weren’t disappointed. “When she first saw him she was really excited, and when we put her next to him she was calm and looking at him like she was amazed,” John said. They shared Kya’s portrait with Santa on Twitter, where it went viral. — Read it at the Huffington Post

22-Year-Old Adopted Cat Loving Life

Tigger was abandoned at an animal hospital in Maryland when he was about 20 years old. But he’s spent the last year being loved on by his adoptive owners, Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Adriene Buisch and her boyfriend, Michael Trentadue. They were looking for a friend for their cat Stuart, and they fell in love with Tigger, and wanted to give him a home in his senior years. Tigger is suffering from kidney failure and has a large tumor in his belly, but he continues to put on weight and seems to feel well. So, he’s been living it up, and celebrated his 22nd birthday last week with a three-meat cake. “We can't believe we have gotten the chance to spend another birthday with our old man.... he's such an amazingly sweet, hilarious, and loving soul. He's one of the best decisions we have ever made,” his owners posted on his Facebook page. — Read it at Today


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