Pet Scoop: Pit Bull Leads Owner to Injured Puppy, Sailors Give Kitten Mouth-to-Mouth

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Theo, a "mini miracle," is recovering in a foster home after a Pit Bull found him severely injured.
Theo, a "mini miracle," is recovering in a foster home after a Pit Bull found him severely injured.

Puppy Saved Thanks to Big Dog

An injured puppy is making an amazing recovery thanks to a Pit Bull named Ace, who led his owner off track during a walk and found the pup in the basement of a Jersey City, New Jersey, building. Little Theo was found with severe head trauma on July 31, at 8 to 10 weeks old, said the Second Chance Rescue NYC. He was sent to an animal hospital for treatment and was released on Sunday. He’s now in the careful foster care of the rescue group’s vice president while they sort through adoption applications to find the best forever home for this “mini miracle,” the group said on Facebook. — Read it at ABC News

Facebook Study Examines Cat People

Facebook research released on Monday for International Cat Day used object recognition technology to look at 160,000 U.S. pet owners who posted a photo of their cat or dog, or both. They found cat owners are more likely to be single, have fewer friends and tend to enjoy indoor activities like reading or watching movies. But the study also found that both dog and cat owners are more likely to be friends with each other than with people who don’t have pets. — Read it at NBC News

300 Olympic Horses Flown to Rio

After posing one of the biggest logistical challenges for the Olympic Games, the last of 310 horses arrived in Rio on Sunday for their competitions. The horses were transported on a dozen flights by Emirates SkyCargo. They were flown from cities including London, Miami and New York. Brazil spent millions upgrading the infrastructure at its airport in Rio to prepare for the Games, including adding a ramp to connect horses with trucks that would transport them to the competition area. The Emirates jets are fitted with stalls that give the horses space to move, and the flights each arrived at 11 p.m., when there would be minimal airport congestion. Olympic equestrian events include the dressage, jumping and eventing competitions. — Read it at Bloomberg

The Italian coast guard rescued a drowning kitten from a Sicilian port.
The Italian coast guard rescued a drowning kitten from a Sicilian port.

Sailors Save Drowning Kitten

The Italian coast guard came to the rescue of a tiny kitten who was spotted by children as he floated lifeless in the Sicilian port of Marsala. One of the sailors on board jumped into the water to save the kitten, and a hard-to-watch video released Friday showed crew members giving the little cat life mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and massaging his chest to remove water from his struggling lungs. Finally, the kitten came around and was able to breathe on his own. A veterinarian back on shore says the kitten has now recovered from his ordeal. He’s been named Charlie and has found a home at the maritime district office in Marsala. — Read it from the AP via USA Today

High School Team Takes Shelter Dogs on Runs

Members of the St. Joseph High School Cross Country Team in California practiced with some adorable running partners last week: a dozen shelter dogs who were happy to get out and burn some energy. Most of the dogs took off leading their human counterparts — but little Fred brought up the rear in the arms of his partner, after he got tired out. — Watch it at People Pets


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