Pet Scoop: Polar Bear Cub Debuts in Toronto, Super Bowl Ads Go to the Dogs

February 6, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub
The Globe and Mail
This polar bear baby just made his big debut at the Toronto Zoo.

Hand-Reared Polar Bear Makes His Toronto Zoo Debut

Staff members at the Toronto Zoo have worked around the clock to raise a polar bear cub after his mother rejected him in October. The healthy, frolicking cub, who was fed an artificial polar bear milk formula from a bottle, is now 3 ½ months old and weighs in at 37 pounds. He made his first public appearance at the zoo last week. Now the cub just needs a name. You can submit suggestions at — Watch the video at The Globe and Mail

Plus: A New York Times opinion piece says that people are drawn to zoos partly because they hope to find a special kind of innocence there. — Read it at The New York Times

VW ad dog exercising
This dog was the star of Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad.

Super Bowl Ads Go to the Dogs

We gave you a peek at a couple of canine commercials before the big game, but our four-legged friends were the stars of several other ads last night, including an overweight dog who’s inspired to get in shape to keep up with a VW Beetle. — Read it at USA Today

Everyone Wins in Puppy Bowl VIII

In addition to cute puppies and the kitty halftime show, Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl featured a pig pep squad and hamster commentary. — See highlights at the Huffington Post

Rabbit Herds Sheep in Sweden

A self-taught herding bunny in Sweden is ready to take over for the local Border Collies. "He surely has seen the dogs doing it before, but really, Champis thinks he is the king of the farm, and that he owns the sheep," the rabbit’s owner told The Local. — Watch it at Today

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