Pet Scoop: Police Officer Saves 100 Baby Sea Turtles, Dog Alerts Owner to House Fire

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A Sarasota, Fla., police officer helped rescue about 100 disoriented sea turtle hatchlings.
A Sarasota, Fla., police officer helped rescue about 100 disoriented sea turtle hatchlings.

Cop Comes to Hatchlings’ Rescue

When Sarasota, Fla., police officer Derek Conley stopped at the Lido Beach Resort while he was on patrol last weekend, he found some unusual guests headed for the lobby. Dozens of sea turtle hatchlings were crawling toward the front door of the beachfront hotel, and other arriving guests told him there were more in the parking lot. Conley got a box from the hotel, and several people who were checking in helped him collect the hatchlings from the parking lot and sidewalk. The officer had to stop traffic several times to pick up turtles from the street. Once about 70 babies had been collected, he and the other volunteers delivered them to the beach and released them. When they returned to the resort, they found more hatchlings and brought them to the beach, too, rescuing a total of about 100 sea turtles. Hatchlings crawl toward the brightest light, in search of the moon over the water. On its Facebook page, the resort says it uses red lights to avoid confusing the turtles, but that turtles are sometimes attracted to the lights of some nearby condominiums. — Read it from the Sarasota Police Department

Navy Protects Burrowing Owls at Base

There are only four breeding pairs of burrowing owls left along the southern California coast between Santa Barbara and Encinitas —and they all nest at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. The Navy is doing their part to help keep the species healthy. "If the burrowing owl were to become an endangered species, the new protections that would have to be implemented might hamper the operations conducted here," said Navy biologist Bob Schallmann. "So we're restricting traffic and other disturbances in the vicinity of their nests, and encouraging growth of native plants and grasses that are magnets for insects they prey on." Burrowing owls were once among the state’s most populous birds, but their numbers have been dropping steadily since the 1940s. — Read it at the Los Angeles Times

Fat Cat Gets New Home and New Diet

Buddha, a Tennessee cat who weighed in at 31 pounds, is getting fresh start. The kitty was adopted from a Nashville shelter by Chris Achord, who owns a pet shop. Achord suspects that Buddha’s previous owners fed him people food because he gets quite excited around lunchtime — particularly if he spots pasta. Achord is sticking to the cat’s special low-calorie diet for the sake of the feline’s health, even if he doesn’t like it very much. — Watch it at California’s KTLA

Lolly is credited with waking her owner before flames engulfed her Texas home.
Lolly is credited with waking her owner before flames engulfed her Texas home.

Dog Saves Owner From Fire

Tiffany Cunningham was fast asleep in her Houston, Texas, home when a fire broke out in her garage at about 3 a.m. on Saturday. Before the smoke detectors went off, her 1-year-old Maltese, Lolly, started barking and woke Cunningham up, giving her plenty of time to escape from her home. “If I had waited for the smoke detectors to go off, I would have had to break a window, or try to find an alternative route to get out of the house,” said Cunningham. She said she plans thank her little hero by treating her to a day at the spa, and maybe a hamburger. — Read it at Life With Dogs

Scotland Holds Golden Retriever Festival

Talk about party animals! Last month, the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland set a new record with its Guisachan Gathering, when 222 of the adorable dogs came from around the world to unite at their ancestral home for a 3-day celebration. It was the largest group of Goldens ever photographed in one place. — See photos at the Huffington Post


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