Pet Scoop: Pudgy Pets in the U.K. Compete to Fight Flab, “Dog” Mascot Tries to Catch Cat

March 29, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Pet Fit Club contestant
PDSA veterinary nurse Amy Henson holds Jack, who weighed 48 pounds before starting his diet.

Supersized British Pets Battle to Slim Down — and Win a Trip

Consider it The Biggest Loser (without the cameras) for pets. PDSA, a U.K. veterinary charity, selected 18 overweight finalists to compete in its annual Pet Fit Club, in which vets put the portly pets on a diet and send them off with an exercise plan.

Among the finalists: dogs, cats and rabbits, including a cake-loving food thief named Deco who’s 57 percent overweight, a Labrador named Romeo (his roast dinner habit has made him 47 percent overweight) and a 21-pound cat named Fifi who tips the scales at 107 percent overweight. The winner of the competition will get a pet-friendly vacation to a Four Seasons hotel. — Read more from PDSA and see the photos at Sky News

Russian President's Fancy Cat Isn't Lost After All

After many Russians took to Twitter to talk (and joke) about reports that President Dmitry Medvedev’s feline was missing, the leader tweeted from his trip to Asia that Dorofei is just fine. Medvedev’s wife purchased the rare Nevsky Masquerade cat for $1,000 in 2003. “A source close to #Dorofei says he has not got lost anywhere. Thank you all for your concern!" wrote Medvedev. — Read it at Reuters

Dog mascot tries to tackle cat at basketball game
A "dog" tries to capture a stray cat at an Israeli basketball game.

Cat and “Dog” Chase Erupts at Basketball Game

A basketball court is no place for a stray cat — especially when one of the teams has a dog for a mascot. When a kitty wandered onto a court during a professional game in Israel, it got quite the scare as the mascot took off after it, almost catching the feline. — Watch it at Fox News

Shark Discovery Leaves Conservationists Confused

A news species of shark has been found, but researchers are concerned that its similarities to the scalloped hammerhead shark could threaten efforts to save that endangered species. Although the two species look identical, they have distinct DNA. — Read it at Discovery News

Peeps Show: OccuPeep D.C. Wins Easter Candy Contest

A detailed diorama, featuring Peeps as Occupy D.C. protesters, took first place in the Washington Post’s sixth annual Peeps Diorama Contest. The marshmallow bunnies and chicks hold realistic signs, proclaiming a few Peeps puns. — See the photos at the Washington Post

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