Pet Scoop: Puppies Make Super Bowl LI Prediction, Bald Eagle Rescued From Trap

Feb. 3, 2017: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Jimmy Fallon's puppy predictors clearly favored the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.
Jimmy Fallon's puppy predictors clearly favored the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Puppies Return to “Tonight Show”

Our favorite animal prognosticators made an appearance on the “Tonight Show” on Thursday to make their prediction for Sunday’s Super Bowl LI, when the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons face off in Houston. Nine fluffy Golden Retriever puppies were more than happy to select from two bowls of food, one labeled for each team. “Guys, play it by the rules, OK? No butt-sniffing, no peeing or wandering, alright?” host Jimmy Fallon told the adorable lineup before releasing them. They wasted no time racing for the kibble. “I think it’s a no-brainer — it’s whoever’s in this bowl, right here,” Fallon said as he picked up puppies to uncover the Atlanta Falcons’ bowl. The game between the NFL’s number one offense and number one defense is a tough one to predict, and this weekend we’ll see if they’re right. The game airs on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. ET on Fox. — Watch it at Yahoo

Cameras Capture New Population of Rare Monkey

Using camera traps, researchers from Florida Atlantic University have discovered a new population of critically endangered Dryas monkeys in Lomami National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Previously, the monkeys on the brink of extinction were only known to live at a tiny site far from the park. There are believed to be less than 200 of the cat-sized monkeys left, due to hunting. The video from October also shows bonobos, African palm civets, and pottos living in the dense forest. — See photo at Seeker

Crew Rescues Exhausted Deer From Canal

A team of at least 11, including firefighters and animal control officers, came to the aid of a deer trapped in ice on the Erie Canal in Spencerport, New York, on Thursday. The fire department says its technical rescue team went out onto the ice to free the deer. They then helped it up the steep banks of the canal because it was so tired from its struggle. Animal control said the deer seemed healthy, and after a short rest, it ran off on its own. — Read it at New York’s WHEC

A wildlife photographer and her boyfriend came to the rescue of a trapped bald eagle.
A wildlife photographer and her boyfriend came to the rescue of a trapped bald eagle.

Bald Eagle Saved From Snare

A wildlife photographer searching for moose came across a bald eagle struggling to survive in a hunter’s snare in British Columbia, Canada, last week. She believes the male bird had been stuck for at least two days in the trap, which was likely intended for a wolf. The photographer, Tasha Hall, caught the rescue on camera as her boyfriend, who’d been trained in freeing trapped animals, carefully helped the injured eagle out of the trap and wrapped him in Hall’s coat. She then drove three hours to get him to the B.C. Wildlife Park for help. Although his wing is “badly damaged,” the eagle has a good prognosis. “There is a good chance that he’ll have a full recovery and be released,” Hall said. — Watch it at Canada’s Global News

Orphaned Twin Manatees Delight Zoo Visitors

Named for Hans Solo’s “Star Wars” spaceship, 9-month-old manatees Millennium and Falcon have become a star attraction at Ohio’s Columbus Zoo. The calves were rescued from the Florida Keys last fall after their mom, Bonnie, was struck and killed by a boat. Manatee twins are rare, and these two are quite devoted to one another. “They’re sleeping together. They’re eating together. They’re going up for breaths of air together. It’s really been fun to see,” said curator Becky Ellsworth. — See photos at People Pets


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