Pet Scoop: Puppy Conan Debuts on TV, Purple Squirrel Spotted in Pennsylvania

February 10, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Puppy Conan
TBS via LA Times
Puppy Conan and Puppy Andy on the set of their show.

Introducing: Puppy Conan

Inspired by the popularity of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, the folks at TBS’ Conan decided to offer an alternative to the comedian's late night show: Puppy Conan. "I thought we should jump on the puppy bandwagon,” said O’Brien.

The producers went to great lengths to create a mini version of O’Brien’s set for the wig-wearing Puppy Conan and his sidekick, Puppy Andy, who welcome Puppy Justin Bieber to the show. (Really, shouldn’t there be a puppy version of everything?) — Watch it at the LA Times

Could Curtains of Bubbles Help Sound-Sensitive Whales?

Offshore oil and wind power companies are studying whether surrounding the areas where they are working with bubbles could help dampen human sounds that can confuse whales. — Read it at National Geographic

Plus: A federal judge has dismissed a case brought by PETA against SeaWorld, which called the aquarium's whales enslaved. — Read it at AP via The New York Times

Purple Squirrel
You are not seeing things: This is really a purple squirrel.

Purple Squirrel Heads Back Into the Wilds of Pennsylvania

Maybe he's just tired of being gray. No one is sure why a squirrel caught in a humane animal trap by a couple in Jersey Shore, Pa., is purple. After a viewing by friends and neighbors, the couple released the squirrel back into the wild — but not before helping him to start his own Twitter account and a Facebook page. — Read it at the Huffington Post

How Much of a Walk Do Dogs Get?

According to USA Today, the average dog is walked about 26 minutes each day, with 37 percent getting 20 minutes a day or less, and 23 percent hitting the pavement more than 40 minutes. — See it at USA Today

Zebra Stripes Shoo Away Horseflies

A team of researchers found that narrow zebra stripes, like those found on the animal’s face and legs, are the best fly repellant. The stripes effectively help camouflage zebras from flies, as well as much bigger predators. — Read it at National Geographic

Puppies Check Themselves Into a Hospital

A pair of sick puppies in Texas knew where to go to find help — they walked right through the doors of an emergency room at a human hospital and waited patiently to be seen. The staff got them what they needed: sausage, bacon and TLC, before taking them to the local Humane Society, where they'll be treated by a vet and put up for adoption in a few weeks. — Watch it at KIII TV via YouTube

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