Pet Scoop: Puppy Gets Prosthetic Paw, London Penguins Practice Olympic-Inspired Dives

March 30, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Skip the Pit Bull got a prosthetic paw
Skip is off and running with his custom-fit prosthetic paw.

Prosthetic Paw Gives Puppy a New (Running) Start

If you watch Skip the Pit Bull run and jump, you’d never know that medical problems almost cost him his life. But thanks to a prosthetic paw, the playful pup is back in action. Spencer Greene at Merced’s Hanger Clinic, the same facility that created a prosthetic tail for the animal who inspired Dolphin Tale, made a mold of Skip’s limb to get a perfect fit for a new paw. “He just literally took off running when he had it on,” said Greene. — Watch it at ABC News

Harry the Hippo Gets Around-the-Clock Care

Who ever thought a baby pygmy hippo could be so cute? Harry, a 6-day-old calf who was rejected by his mother (and named for Prince Harry), has quickly warmed up to the handlers who now take care of him at South Africa’s Cango Wildlife Ranch. — See the photos at Animal Tracks

Pesticides May Be Culprit Behind Massive Bee Decline

Two new reports find that chemicals designed to protect plants from insects could be indirectly responsible for the mysterious die-off in bees that has taken place recently. — Read it at the LA Times

London Penguins
Penguins at the London Zoo line up to take a dive.

Penguins Test Out Olympic-Style Diving Board

Athletes aren’t the only ones preparing for this year’s Summer Olympics in London. The penguins at the London Zoo have a new diving board inspired by the Games — and they seem to like nothing more than showing off for the crowd. — Watch it at Discovery News

Former Price Is Right Host Helps Toronto Elephants

When concern grew that the Canadian climate was too cold for three elephants at the Toronto Zoo, animal activist Bob Barker agreed to foot the $880,000 bill to fly them to the PAWS Sanctuary in California on a private cargo plane. — Read it at Reuters

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