Pet Scoop: Puppy Halts Flights at LaGuardia, Betty White Gives a Friend a Birthday Gorilla

April 26, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Runs Loose on LaGuardia Tarmac

There are plenty of things that can delay a flight, but how often is a puppy the culprit? Byrdie, a 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, apparently wasn’t into the idea of flying from New York to Memphis. The pup escaped as she was being loaded onto a Delta flight, shutting down the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport for 10 minutes, while grounds crew coaxed her back into her crate. — Read it at NBC New York

Rare Amur Leopard Captured on Camera in China

The first camera trap photos of an Amur leopard in China were taken at the Hunchun Amur Tiger National Nature Reserve, suggesting that the species may be returning to the country. Most of the rare leopards live across the border in Russia, where 29 of them were photographed last year. With this evidence, researchers now think that the total number of Amur leopards may be about 40. Their numbers had been hovering around 30 since the 1970s. — Read it at Science Daily

Betty White Gifts Friend Carol Burnett With . . . a Gorilla?

Animal lover Betty White gave fellow comedian Carol Burnett a unique birthday gift: a gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo adopted in her name. "I love all animals," said White. "Some more than others, including gorillas and Carol Burnett." — Read it at the NY Post

Fawn Takes a Nap on a Front Porch

A California man called 911 when he found a fawn curled up on the welcome mat at his parents’ home. Officials told him that the fawn’s mother was probably nearby, while the baby rested. An hour later, mom came over and nudged the newborn, who wobbled off with her. — Watch it at Today

Cow Visits a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Would you like some fries with that? Patrons at a Colorado McDonald’s snapped pictures of Darcy the dairy cow at the fast food spot after she escaped from her pen at a local farm and headed for the drive-thru window. — See the photo at Today

New Hampshire Cat Reunites With Owner After Three Years

Amie Donnelly thought the worst when her cat, Daisy, didn’t return home after an ice storm in New Hampshire three years ago. It turns out that the black-and-white feline had been living on her own, until a woman brought Daisy to a shelter, where a microchip revealed her owner’s identity. Donnelly had since moved and changed her phone number, but the woman finally found her through Craigslist — and Daisy was reunited with Donnelly. — Read it at the Eagle-Tribune

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