Pet Scoop: Puppy Kisses Firefighters Who Saved Her, Manatee Rescued Off Cape Cod

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Firefighters saved Marshmallow from a dark hillside after she fell over a cliff.
Timber Cove Fire Protection District
Firefighters saved Marshmallow from a dark hillside after she fell over a cliff.

Puppy Falls Off California Cliff

A relieved Pit Bull puppy named Marshmallow had lots of love to give her heroes when they saved her from a dark hillside after she fell over a cliff in northern California on Tuesday night. The puppy’s owners had stopped on the side of Highway 1 to give Marshmallow a potty break, but said she hopped out of the car before they could get her leash on her. After she fell, the owners called Timber Cover firefighters at 10:12 p.m. They set up a system of ropes and pulleys, and searched for the dog for two hours. Finally, they spotted Marshmallow in a bush, about 250 feet down. “She was a little cold, definitely scared and (had) just a few minor scrapes to her face and her nose from sliding down the rock,” said training officer Nichole Lynn. “But she was super friendly and gave lots of kisses and cuddles all the way up the hill. She was a super sweet little puppy.” Marshmallow also had kisses for her owners as they were reunited and headed home. — Read it at California’s Press Democrat

Manatee Rescued in Massachusetts

A manatee rescued off the coast of Falmouth in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, will soon be headed for warmer waters. Manatees generally reside in the waters off Florida, but this wayward guy had been seen around Cape Cod since mid-August. The 68-degree waters there are cooling more now that it’s autumn. With the public’s help, the International Fund for Animal Welfare finally found the manatee on Thursday. Two dozen staff and volunteers worked to rescue the 1,000-pound marine animal, who was transported to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut for temporary rehabilitation. — Read it at and see photos from the IFAW via Facebook

Survey: Most Retail Staff Unprepared to Accommodate Vets’ Dogs

A new survey from American Humane finds many retail employees are lacking training when it comes to service dogs specifically trained to help military veterans through post-traumatic stress. They found that 1 in 7 retail employees said they never received training on the questions they’re allowed to ask customers to verify an animal as a service dog, and more than half said the obviousness of a person’s disability plays a role in whether they think the dog is a legitimate service dog. It’s illegal for stores and restaurants to refuse to accommodate specially trained service animals. The survey was released at the start of a meeting in Washington to address the lack of nationally accepted standards for the definition, training, and credentialing of PTS service dogs. — Read it from American Humane

Averie and Hattie Mae met when they were both being fitted for prosthetics.
Averie and Hattie Mae met when they were both being fitted for prosthetics.

Girl Gets Pup “Just Like Me”

Averie Mitchell, 9, and a rescue puppy named Hattie Mae are a “match made in heaven,” says Averie’s mom. The pair met in February during one of Averie’s appointments at Celerity Prosthetics in Oklahoma City, where she was being fitted for a new prosthetic leg. Hattie Mae, who’s missing her back right leg, was there for a fitting at the same time, with her foster mom. “While Averie was getting casted, Hattie laid her head on Averie's lap and sat there with her,” said Kimberly Mitchell. From there, a sweet friendship was born. The Mitchell family adopted Hattie from The Underdogs Rescue in May. The two have been bonding and settling in. Averie is expected to get her new prosthetic in the next few days, and Hattie’s is being built now. — Watch it at ABC News

Police Officer Adopts Kitten He Saved

Hanford, California, Police Officer Kevin Wheat came to the rescue of a 3-month-old kitten — twice. The officer first met the 1.5-pound kitten when he responded to a call that the kitten had crawled into the engine compartment of a Dodge Caravan last weekend. It took an hour, but Wheat freed the kitten from the engine. He took him to the Kings County Animal Services shelter, and when the staff offered the cat to him first, he rescued him once again. “It was a perfect opportunity to give the cat a new home with tons of love and attention,” Wheat said. And the kitten has a new name, too: Axle. — Read it at People Pets


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