Pet Scoop: Puppy Saved From New York Fire, Christie Brinkley Injured Trying to Save Bird

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A firefighter saved a 3-month-old Maltese puppy from a devastating fire in Brooklyn Tuesday.
A firefighter saved a 3-month-old Maltese puppy from a devastating fire in Brooklyn Tuesday.

Puppy Rescued From Brooklyn Fire

In a devastating fire that consumed two Brooklyn, New York, homes Tuesday, there was some happy news: firefighters saved a 3-month-old Maltese puppy who was left inside. Nine-year-old Bella Louis was just given the puppy as a gift on Easter and feared the worst for little Mickey. But firefighters who rushed inside found the puppy cowering in the kitchen. The firefighters gave the frightened puppy oxygen before reuniting him with Bella. “It seems to be doing OK,” FDNY Battalion Chief Mike Golini said of Mickey. “That will at least be some saving grace for the family after a tragedy like this.” No one was injured in the fire that gutted the homes, and the cause is still under investigation. — Read it at the New York Daily News

Goldfish Threaten Colorado Lake

Wildlife officials in Colorado believe someone dumped four or five goldfish into Teller Lake #5 in Boulder about two years ago — and they’ve now multiplied into 3,000 to 4,000 fish. The non-native species now threatens the lake’s entire ecosystem. "Dumping your pets into a lake could bring diseases to native animals and plants as well as out-compete them for resources," said Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill. "Everything can be affected. Non-native species can potentially wipe out the fishery as we've put it together." Officials are seeking information on anyone who may have released the goldfish into the lake. — Read it at ABC News

Study: Endangered Tortoises Prefer Invasive Plants

After tracking tortoises on the Galapagos Island of Santa Cruz for four years, researchers say they’ve found the tortoises prefer non-native plants that actually give them a nutritional boost. They found that non-native plants on the island, which is home to an extinct volcano, made up half of the animals’ overall diet. "Biodiversity conservation is a huge problem confronting managers on the Galapagos Islands," said Stephen Blake, PhD, an honorary research scientist at Washington University in St. Louis. "Eradicating the more than 750 species of invasive plants is all but impossible, and even control is difficult. Fortunately, tortoise conservation seems to be compatible with the presence of some introduced species." Their findings were published in the journal Biotropica. — Read it at Discovery News

Christie Brinkley posted photos of her injury on Instagram.
Christie Brinkley posted photos of her injury on Instagram.

Model Recovering From Injury

Supermodel Christie Brinkley was vacationing in Turks and Caicos over the weekend when she was injured while trying to rescue a bird. She suffered a black eye and a deep cut under her left eyebrow. “We interrupt this holiday to take a little unplanned excursion to Miami for cat scans and stitches following an accident trying to save a bird,” Brinkley, 61, posted on Instagram with photos of her injury. She traveled by boat and plane to be treated at the University of Miami Hospital. In response to Instagram comments, she later clarified, “THE bird did NOT do this to me!!!! I did this to myself trying to help the bird! The birds here are super sweet!!!” She explained she had to go to Miami so a cosmetic surgeon could treat her to “minimize scarring.” She later posted photos saying she was back at a Parrot Cay resort in Turks and Caicos, where she’s staying with her daughter, Alexa Ray Joel. — Read it at People

Firefighter Adopts Kitten She Rescued

Tara Holcomb, a firefighter in Mount Dora, Florida, responded to a call from a homeowner about a tiny kitten who was trapped inside a wall. Holcomb was able to pull the newborn kitten out of a hole that the homeowners had cut in the wall earlier, in an attempt to reach her. Firefighters think the kitten’s mother might have dropped her into the wall while moving through the attic in the house. The homeowners weren’t able to find the mother, and couldn’t keep the kitten themselves — so Holcomb has adopted her. She’s aptly named her new pet Wall-E. — Read it at Orlando’s WESH


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