Pet Scoop: Puppy Saves Boy From Speeding Truck, Woman Arrested Over Manatee Ride

Geo the hero dog rests at home.
Geo, the heroic puppy, rests at home.

“Geo the Hero” Saves 10-Year-Old

At just 7 months old, a puppy is being hailed as a hero for pushing a 10-year-old boy out of the path of an oncoming truck in Essex, in the U.K. The boy, Charlie, was waiting with his brothers and mother to cross a street earlier this month when an out of control truck driver came up over the curb. Geo, a German Shepherd-Collie mix, jumped in front of Charlie and pushed him out of the way. The pup was hit by the truck and then struck by another car. Although Geo sustained broken bones and internal injuries, veterinarians who are caring for him expect him to make a full recovery — and according to his Facebook page, Geo the Hero, he has just returned home. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Plus: Canine heroism abounds this month. In Oklahoma, a blind, deaf Dachshund with three legs alerted his family to an overnight house fire, allowing them to escape to safety. — Watch it at Today

Sea Ice Proves Critical for Emperor Penguins

A study that used motion detectors mounted on 10 emperor penguins found that the birds rely on sea ice for breeding and feeding. But with climate change in the Antarctic shifting the distribution of sea ice, the penguins might face a change in their behavior and ecology, according to study author Shinichi Watanabe of Fukuyama University in Japan. "If penguins don't stay on the ice during foraging trips, they may not be able to sustain such long trips," he said. The results of the study were published in the online journal PLOS Biology. — Read it at Live Science

Woman Photographed Riding Manatee Arrested

If you're going to break the law, don't take a picture of it. In early October, the Pinellas County, Fla., sheriff held a news conference to ask the public for help in identifying a woman who was photographed riding on the back of a manatee at a local beach. In Florida, a law protecting the endangered sea mammals says it’s unlawful to “intentionally or negligently to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb or attempt to molest, harass, or disturb any manatee.” On Saturday, Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 53, was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant. She admitted to touching the endangered animal, but said she was new to the area at the time and didn’t know that was illegal. The manatee was not hurt in the incident, and Gutierrez was released on $1,500 bail. — Read it at the LA Times

A baby Colobus monkey is on display at the St. Louis Zoo.
St. Louis Zoo
A baby Colobus monkey is on display at Missouri's St. Louis Zoo.

St. Louis Zoo Debuts Baby Monkey

Born on Halloween, a Colobus monkey is finally on display at the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri.Kivuli, which means "ghost" in Swahili, is all white, but won't be for long.By the time the endangered monkeys turn 6 months old, they become primarily black with white hair around their faces. Kivuli was born to first-time mom Cecilia, 13, who’s learned her mothering skills from the group’s 25-year-old matriarch. “Cecelia is being a great mother to her infant thanks to the wonderful example of parenting she’s learned from Roberta,” said primate manager Joe Knobbe. — Read it at ABC News via Yahoo

Furry Friends Hit the Black Friday Circuit

Lying down among the racks, sitting in a shopping bag or getting wheeled around in a shopping cart, these dogs know how to do Black Friday. Now, maybe they’ll enjoy a relaxed Cyber Monday, sitting by their owners’ computers. — See photos at People Pets


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