Pet Scoop: Puppy Survives 155 Bee Stings, Public Warned Not to Take Selfies With Seals

June 1, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Ellie is recovering after being stung by bees in her backyard 155 times.
Ellie is recovering after being stung by bees in her backyard 155 times.

Lab Recovering From Bee Swarm

A 7-month-old chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy was playing in her backyard in California when she was attacked by a swarm of bees. "My neighbor came over and basically informed us that our dog was getting attacked by bees in our backyard, so my first reaction was to go back there and save her," said Chad Portugal, the dog's owner. He and his friend were able to get Ellie away from the bees and got her to an emergency vet, who removed 155 stingers from the dog. Her owners believe the bees came from a neighbor who has beehives in their backyard that are cared for by a beekeeper. — Read it at North Carolina’s ABC 11

NOAA Warns Beachgoers Against Seal Selfies

In an unusual step, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a warning to beachgoers in New England, asking them to avoid the impulse to snap selfies with seal pups. The agency said people should stay at least 150 feet from the animals and be aware that seal moms may leave their pups unattended on the beach for up to 24 hours. If the mom sees her baby surrounded by humans taking selfies, she may become nervous and abandon the pup. "The best thing you can do if you want to help is keep away from the animal and keep your pets away from it, so the mother has a chance to return," said NOAA's Mendy Garron. — Read it from Discovery News via Seeker

Conservationists Call for Red Wolf Protection

With only 45 to 60 red wolves remaining in the wild, conservation groups submitted an emergency petition last week, asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to increase protection for the wolves. The population has declined by more than 50 percent in just two years. The rare wolves were bred and reintroduced in North Carolina, but that program was put on hold after pressure from the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission, which claimed the wolves had damaged private land. The new petition calls for the FWS to establish populations in swampy areas of Alabama, Kentucky and other southern states. It also seeks more protections for the endangered animals by calling for their status to be changed from nonessential to essential. — Read it at The New York Times

Two San Francisco Police officers helped babysit a stranded sea lion pup until it could be rescued.
Two San Francisco Police officers helped babysit a stranded sea lion pup until it could be rescued.

Police Babysit Stranded Sea Lion

The San Francisco Police came to the rescue of an emaciated baby sea lion who was found wandering along the Great Highway roadway. After getting a call about the animal at 2 a.m. on Memorial Day, Officer Annie Burrows responded and located the pup. The police then contacted the Marine Mammal Center, but their rescue van wasn’t close to the area. The center asked Burrows to stay with the pup and watch over it until they could get there. She did, and when the station’s shift changed, Officer Tracy Turner came to relieve her. The rescue van arrived at about 9 a.m. to pick up the pup. Turner named the 1-year-old pup George C. Bison — George is the call sign for the Richmond Station, and the mascot for the station’s softball team is a bison. The rescuers are hopeful the pup will be able to return to the wild after it has been nursed back to health. — Read it at the Richmond (San Francisco) District Blog

Queen Elizabeth Poses With Pups for Vanity Fair Cover

In honor of her 90th birthday, the British monarch graces the cover of Vanity Fair — accompanied by four of her dogs. The dogs in the portrait of Queen Elizabeth by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz are named Holly, Willow, Vulcan and Candy. Two of them are Corgis and the other two are “Dorgis,” a crossbreed of Corgis and Dachshunds. It’s the latest in a series of photos taken at Windsor Castle to be released by the magazine, including several with her family. "The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas," Leibovitz said of the queen. — See it at Today


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