Pet Scoop: Rescue Dog Alerts Owner to Fire, Airline Cat-Sits After Owner Goes Into Labor

May 18, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Abby, a rescued Pit Bull, is credited with alerting her owner to a fire in their home.
Abby, a rescued Pit Bull, is credited with alerting her owner to a fire in their home.

Pit Bull Barks at Approaching Fire

As John Doddard was sitting down to eat dinner Tuesday night, his rescue Pit Bull started barking at the back door of their home in Lewiston, Maine. "I figured, well, maybe she's just barking at something in the backyard … I was ignoring her at first and then I said, I better pay attention because she's going frantic here," Doddard said. When he got up to investigate, he saw black smoke pouring into his house. Thankfully, he and Abby got out safely, but the house was a total loss. The Red Cross is helping Doddard try to recover from the loss. — Watch it at Maine’s WGME

New York Could Be First State to Ban Declawing

A controversial legislative proposal would make New York the first state to ban the procedure to declaw cats. Several veterinarians — and Rubio the Abyssinian cat — were at the state Capitol on Tuesday to lobby for the ban. However, the state’s Veterinary Medical Society opposes the ban, arguing that it’s sometimes necessary. The practice is already outlawed in Australia, Britain and several other countries in Europe. The bill is before the state’s Senate and Assembly by a vote hasn’t yet been scheduled. — Read it from the AP via Yahoo

Farmer Saves Trapped Baby Alpaca

A farmer in Wisconsin came to the rescue of a baby alpaca who he found with her head poking out of a hole in the grass. “I found her just several inches underground,” said farmer John Govin. “Her little head was just looking up and out of the hole. It looks like she fell into what appeared to be a badger hole.” The incident happened earlier this month. The baby was a week old when she went missing, but Govin spotted her the next morning, which was Mother’s Day. Once the alpaca got her legs under her, her first stop was a visit to her mom, who was carefully watching the scene. Govin plans to name the baby Dusty. — Watch it at ABC News

Meow Meow got her own name tag while she stayed in Canadian North's office.
Meow Meow got her own name tag while she stayed in Canadian North's office.

Airline Cat-Sits for Evacuee in Labor

Last week, we told you the heartwarming story of how airlines in Canada were flying residents and their pets to safety after they were evacuated from the wildfire in Fort McMurray. Now, another sweet story from those evacuations has emerged. While Krystal Scott and her family were being evacuated on a Canadian North flight, Scott started having labor pains. So, the airline’s flight operations team offered to take care of the family’s cat, Meow Meow. Meow Meow stayed with the staff at a Canadian North office for a few days, where she got her own employee badge, sat at a desk and helped make coffee — all while becoming an Internet celebrity when the airline shared photos of her on social media. Scott hasn’t yet had the baby but her family was able to settle into life in Calgary while Meow Meow spent time in the office, and they have now been reunited. “I’m pregnant and due any moment,” said Scott. “The airline was amazing. We were so overwhelmed by their kindness.” — See photos at Buzzfeed

Newly-Adopted Kitten Gets Stuck in Wall

Lily might have done a little too much exploring in her new California home. Somehow, the kitten, who was adopted from a shelter two months ago, got herself wedged between two large cinder blocks inside a wall at the back of her owner’s home. The Los Angeles fire department’s urban search and rescue team drilled a hole through the wall to free Lily. “Can you get out, sweetheart?” one of the firefighters can be heard saying in a video of the rescue. He then gently pulled her out and cuddled with her before handing her back to her grateful owner. Luckily, Lily wasn’t injured in her ordeal. — Watch it at New York’s WABC


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