Pet Scoop: Rescue Dog Falls in 50-Foot Sinkhole, Officer Saves Injured Heron

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Just over a month after he was adopted, Vader was rescued again — this time from a sinkhole.
Just over a month after he was adopted, Vader was rescued again — this time from a sinkhole.

Firefighters Save Dog From Sinkhole

Drew Wilson was out for a hike with his newly adopted dog on his family farm in Lexington, Kentucky, Tuesday when the dog suddenly disappeared. When Vader didn’t respond to his calls, Wilson found him in a 50-foot deep sinkhole, and he was sliding down. Wilson went to a nearby fire department for help. Firefighter Corey Calloway used a rope system to go into the sinkhole, which he said opened up into a large cavern with jagged walls and a lot of water. He let Vader get to know him a bit before they were both pulled out. When Vader reached the surface, he happily greeted his owner — and all of the firefighters who helped him. “The level of gratitude is certainly, just at a loss of words really," Wilson said. — Read it at Kentucky’s WKYT

Panda Gives Birth in Malaysia

Liang Liang, a female giant panda on loan to the Malaysian National Zoo, gave birth to a cub Tuesday. The panda and her partner, Xing Xing, arrived in Malaysia in May 2014 on a 10-year loan from China as part of the country’s panda diplomacy. Their arrival was delayed a month out of respect for the Chinese passengers on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing in March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The pandas, who were known as Fu Wa and Feng Yi before arriving in Malaysia, live in a custom-built $7.7 million facility at the zoo. Officials don’t yet know if the new cub is a boy or a girl. "We can see legs and some parts of the body but Liang Liang is still protecting it," said the zoo's Mat Naim Ramli. — Read it from Agence France Presse via Yahoo News

New Mini Frog Found in Brazil

A tiny frog with a striking bright orange stripe down its back was discovered in a mountainous region of Serra do Quiriri, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The news of this frog, Brachycephalus quiririensis, follows the announcement in June of seven other new miniature frogs found in the area. "We don’t yet have confirmation," said Márcio Pie, of the Federal University of Paraná, "but we believe that this strong color is to warn predators that it is poisonous, and, thus, to protect it." The frog lives only in a cold, humid environment that makes it especially sensitive to climate change. Because of that, it may already be threatened with extinction, Pie said. The frog is just 0.3 inches long. The study was published in the journal PeerJ. — Read it at Discovery News

An animal control officer waded into wetlands to save a great blue heron who was bitten by a snapping turtle.
An animal control officer waded into wetlands to save a great blue heron who was bitten by a snapping turtle.

Officer Rescues Great Blue Heron

An animal control officer came to the rescue of an injured great blue heron Monday in Fairfax County, Virginia. The bird was bitten on the leg by a snapping turtle. He couldn’t fly away, so he walked deeper into the wetland area. Officer Chase jumped in to help, wading into the water after the heron. She was able to catch him, and he’s now recovering with a wildlife rehabilitator. — See photos from the Fairfax County, Virginia, Animal Shelter via Facebook

"Guide Cat" Befriends Kitten

Soon after Blinkin’, a gray and white kitten, arrived at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in South Carolina in June, the staff realized he was blind. They decided to have him move in with Hefty, a cat who was born at the shelter and wasn’t much older than Blinkin’. “They bonded immediately and they’ve been best friends ever since,” said the shelter’s marketing director Sarah Neikam. They snuggle together and follow each other around.Blinkin’will seek Hefty out to see if he needs help. Now the shelter is seeking a good home where the pair can livetogether. — Read it at the Huffington Post


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