Pet Scoop: Rescue Dogs Save Family From Fire, Firefighters Free Dog From 6-Inch Gap

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A New York family's rescued Pit Bulls alerted them to an early morning fire at their home.
A New York family's rescued Pit Bulls alerted them to an early morning fire at their home.

Three Pit Bulls Save Family

The Pruchnicki family is crediting their three adopted dogs with saving their lives from a fast-moving fire in their Farnham, New York, home. Dave Pruchnicki says he woke up when he heard the three Pit Bulls “going crazy” at about 3:30 a.m. Monday. One of the dogs, Shrek, “was halfway up the stairs and he usually doesn’t come up the stairs at all,” Pruchnicki said. “You know he was telling us to get out.” The fire had started on the front porch, and the smoke alarms hadn’t gone off yet when the dogs started alerting their family to the danger. The Pruchnickis got their 5-year-old son and the dogs, and escaped just before the whole house became engulfed in flames. “We rescued them, and they rescued us, so I think we’re even now,” Pruchnicki said with a laugh. The family and their pets are now staying with relatives. — Watch it at Buffalo, New York’s WIVB

Study: Penguins May Have Struggled With Ice Age Cold

The emperor penguin may be highly adapted to the cold, but researchers looking at how climate change has affected them say that they may have struggled with the cold during the last Ice Age. As temperatures have warmed in the last 30,000 years, the species has flourished. There are now seven times as many of them living in far more locations. "We hadn't really thought about the fact that it would be too cold for them in the past," said joint lead researcher Jane Younger, a PhD student at the University of Tasmania in Australia. "They live through life in minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) now so they are pretty cold adapted." She said the warmer temperatures likely gave the chicks a better chance of surviving the winter weather. The study was published in the journal Global Change Biology. — Read it at Discovery News

Third Rare Orca Calf Born in Pacific Northwest

A research crew following endangered killer whales in the Pacific Ocean last week was surprised to spot a days-old newborn calf swimming with the pod in open waters. It’s the third baby to be born to the population this winter. This was the first time the scientists had seen a calf born in the Pacific Ocean waters, rather than in the more protected Puget Sound. "It's important to see if it survives but also to see if there's any differences or advantages being born on the outer coast versus the inner sound," said NOAA spokesman Michael Milstein. The baby was the third to be born in the Pacific Northwest in the last three months. — Read it at Reuters and watch it at Science Daily

Los Angeles County firefighters freed this dog from a 6-inch gap between two walls.
Los Angeles County firefighters freed this dog from a 6-inch gap between two walls.

Dog Stuck Between Walls Freed

Crews came to the aid of a dog in West Hollywood, California, Sunday afternoon, after getting a call reporting that he was wedged in a 6-inch crevice between a home and a retaining wall. Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman Randy Wright said that each time the pooch took a breath, he’d slip further into the gap. The firefighters used ropes to keep him stable. Once the scared dog calmed down, they were able to use a wiggling motion to get him out of the spot and return him to his owner. — Read it at Los Angeles’ KTLA

Kristin Cavallari Gets a Puppy

Actress and fashion designer Kristin Cavallari was already busy with her young family, jewelry and shoe designs, and the lifestyle book she recently announced will debut next spring. But, she couldn’t resist adding an adorable German Shepherd mix puppy to her busy life. Last weekend, the 28-year-old celebrity shared a picture of the pup on Instagram with the caption: “Because 2 boys under the age of 3 weren't enough." — Read it at E!Online


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