Pet Scoop: Rescued Manatee Plays Mom to Two Calves, New Species Found on Flickr

August 13, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A rescued manatee at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa gave birth to Lad, a health baby boy, in July.
A rescued manatee at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa gave birth to Lad, a health baby boy, in July.

Rescued Manatee Gives Birth — and Becomes a Surrogate Mom

Joannie, a manatee brought to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo after she was found suffering from cold stress in January, gave birth last month to a healthy 67-pound male calf, named Lad. Joannie has also adopted a calf named Cheeno, who was found orphaned last February. At 142 pounds, Cheeno isn't a newborn, but Joannie has welcomed him into her family as well. The zoo hopes to release the mom and her two boys in the coming months. — Read it at Zooborns and at the zoo’s Facebook page

Dog Saves Puppies From Burning House

A hero dog in Chile saved her own 10-day-old puppies from a house fire, by carrying them in her mouth to the fire truck outside. She then curled herself around her injured pups. Although one of the pups later died, the rest are in stable condition. — See photos at the Huffington Post

Chimp Escapes From Las Vegas Yard, Again

Just a month after her first escape, CJ, a 180-pound chimpanzee, got out of her backyard enclosure in Las Vegas again over the weekend. This time, though, caretaker Timmi De Rosa, says she thinks someone let CJ out of her cage. De Rosa says CJ was captured quickly and never posed a threat, but the Humane Society says the incidents highlight Nevada’s lack of rules on keeping exotic animals. — Read it at NBC News

This new lacewing species was first spotted by an entomologist on Flickr.
This new lacewing species was first spotted by an entomologist on Flickr.

New Lacewing Discovered — on the Internet

Entomologist Shaun Winterton wasn’t trekking through the jungle when he came across an insect he’d never seen before — he was flipping through photographer Guek Hock Ping’s shots on Flickr. When Winterton spotted the intriguing image, he promptly called the photographer for more details. Unfortunately, the bug had flown off after the picture was taken in Malaysia but a year later, when Guek Hock Ping returned to the same region, he did get a specimen. It was sent to the Natural History Museum in London, where it was confirmed that the lacewing was a new discovery.— Read it at NPR

Environmentalists Ask U.S. to List Great Whites as Endangered

Environmental groups are petitioning the federal government to declare the declining population of great white sharks off the California coast as an endangered species. Researchers say there are about 340 mature great whites in the northeast Pacific, and the petitioners say young sharks are often caught in gill nets. — Read it at the LA Times

Resident Cat Returns to Algonquin Hotel

After spending five months with friends in the suburbs while her New York City hotel home underwent a major renovation, Matilda celebrated her return to the Algonquin with a lavish party. Though she’s no longer allowed in areas where food is served because of the city’s health laws, Matilda is still happily welcoming guests near the front desk. "It was as if she’d never been away. I think she is happy just being home, surrounded by her Algonquin family," said Alice de Almeida, the hotel’s chief cat officer. — Read it at Animal Tracks

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