Pet Scoop: Retired Bomb-Detecting Dog Breaks Free at Airport, Boxer Saves Buddy From Owl

January 18, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Arco the bomb-sniffing German Shepherd
Arco, a former bomb-sniffing dog, enjoyed his time on the lam at the Detroit airport earlier this week.

Former Bomb-Sniffing Dog Escapes at Detroit Airport

Arco, a retired bomb-sniffing dog who had worked at the White House, was flown from Arizona to Michigan to meet his new owner. After arriving at the Detroit airport, the German Shepherd broke free from his leash on Monday night when cargo officials took him out for a bathroom break. Authorities found him on Tuesday morning, but before he'd get close enough to let them clip his leash back on, they had to spend several hours playing fetch with Arco. — Read it at Detroit’s WDIV

Orlando Hotels Criticized for Ending Stray Cat Program

Two Loews resorts in Orlando, Fla., are dealing with some backlash after they halted an unusual feral cat management program, citing liability concerns. For five years, the chain had unofficially allowed the program, started by a bellman, to operate at the two properties. Stray cats were trapped, then spayed or neutered and released back to their colonies. — Read it at USA Today

Python in Everglades
Local 10

U.S. Bans Import of Four Exotic Snake Species

In an effort to protect the ecosystem in Everglades National Park in Florida, the U.S. announced a long-awaited ban on the import of four exotic snake species, including the Burmese python, yellow anaconda and two African pythons. — Watch it at South Florida’s Local 10

Boxer Saves Dog Buddy During an Owl Attack

A Boxer named Sadie fought to save her fellow pooch, Ramadi, from a great horned owl who sank its talons into the 7-pound, Shih Tzu–miniature Poodle mix. Ramadi's owners were ultimately able to pull the owl off their dog, whose thick coat likely helped her escape unharmed, before calling the police for help. — Read it at the Chicago Sun-Times

Scientists Discover That Tiger Sharks Prey on Birds

According to new research, tiger sharks have noticed that migrating birds are often disoriented by oil rig lights in the Gulf of Mexico, which cause the birds to either crash into the rigs or fall into the water from exhaustion. "The sharks may actually be learning there are places where there are birds available to them,” said a representative for the American Bird Conservancy. — Read it at National Geographic Daily News

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