Pet Scoop: Retriever Rescued From Cliff, Kittens Found Stuck in Walmart Sandwich Case

July 18, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Shelby the Golden Retriever was rescued from a Washington state cliff.
Shelby the Golden Retriever was rescued from a Washington state cliff.

Golden Falls Over Trail’s Edge

A 2-year-old Golden Retriever is safe with her owner thanks to climbers with the Washington State Animal Response Team, who are also veterinarians. Shelby was out for a hike with her owner on Saturday and another dog when she fell down a steep slope on the edge of the trail at Pinnacle Peak Park, about ½ mile from the trailhead. The doctors arrived on the scene and used a rope system to reach the dog and make sure she was OK. More volunteers with WASART, police and even two bystanders helped send down additional equipment to bring the rescuers and Shelby back up to the trail. Everyone was able to get off the cliff safely, and Shelby was reunited with her owner. — Read it from the Washington State Animal Response Team via Facebook

Missing TSA Dog Found in Next Town

A Transportation Security Administration dog who sniffs for explosives on Amtrak trains escaped from his handler’s home in suburban Chicago on Saturday morning. The TSA quickly turned to the public to ask for help in finding Hako, who has a tattoo in his ear that reads W204. Luckily, the friendly German Shepherd was found in the neighboring town and reunited with his handler, officials said on Sunday. — Read it at Chicago’s ABC 7

Shaquille the Sea Lion Released

Before and after photos show the amazing recovery of Shaquille the sea lion, who was released at Rodeo Beach in California last week. An enthusiastic high school boys’ basketball team helped transport the sea lion to the Marine Mammal Center after he was rescued on June 24, and named him after retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. The center’s veterinarians diagnosed Shaquille with malnutrition. He put on 10 pounds in the three weeks he was in rehabilitation, thanks to a steady diet of Alaskan herring. He looked much healthier when he was released back into the sea late last week. — See photos from the Marine Mammal Center via Facebook

Two kittens trapped under a refrigerated case at an Arizona Walmart were rescued and adopted out.
Two kittens trapped under a refrigerated case at an Arizona Walmart were rescued and adopted out.

Kittens Saved From Deli Case

Shoppers at a Walmart in Phoenix were surprised to hear tiny meows coming from a refrigerated deli display case. They notified the store’s staff, who called the Arizona Humane Society for help. Technicians Jujului “Juju” Kuita and Ruthie Jesus weren’t convinced they’d be able to save the kittens. They used a video camera to locate the kittens, who were trapped in a pipe at the back of the case. Thankfully, they were able to pull Grace and Houdini to safety — thanks, in part, to the ladles the Walmart staff gave them to scoop the little kittens out. “I really, truly could not believe that we rescued them,” Kuita said. “I know the universe had a hand in that.” The shelter revealed the news about the April 26 rescue last week, when now 12-week-old kittens were adopted out to forever homes. — Read it at Today

“Determined” Baby Rhino Born

A 140-pound southern white rhino was born to mom Kito at the Hamilton Zoo in New Zealand last month. The baby boy’s keepers describe him as “determined,” and say he’s an eager feeder from his mom. This is experienced mom Kito’s third calf. Keepers at the zoo captured photos of him in his first few hours. — See photos at Zooborns


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