Pet Scoop: Retriever Rescues Own Brother, Japanese Dogs Suffer Post-Earthquake Stress

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Golden Retrievers Baxter and Bailey are back home after going missing in Cape Cod, Mass.
Baxter and Bailey are back at home after going missing in the woods on Cape Cod, Mass.

Golden Retriever Leads Owner to Missing Brother

Two weeks ago, Penny Blackwell’s Golden Retrievers, Baxter and Bailey, got loose while tied up on a double leash in front of her Cape Cod, Mass., home. Blackwell had nearly given up hope of finding her dogs when a friend found Baxter wandering near her home. Baxter then led his owner right to Bailey, whose leash was tangled up in some bushes in the woods. "I could hardly get him untied because he was jumping on me and jumping on Baxter because he was so happy to see us," said Blackwell. The dogs each lost eight to 10 pounds during their misadventure, but they’re otherwise healthy — and happy to be home. — Watch it at CBS News

Wild Monkey Spectators Exploit Losers of Battles

New research shows that macaques watch fights from the sidelines — and then get the losers to do grooming favors for them. The study, published in Animal Behaviour, may help explain why humans are fascinated with observing fights. “Grooming exploitation among wild Barbary macaques would support the theory that observing aggressive interactions between group companions can have a range of social benefits and functions,” said Dr. Bonaventura Majolo of the University of Lincoln. — Read it from the University of Lincoln

Canine Earthquake Survivors Suffer From Lasting Stress

Researchers at Azabu University have found that dogs who lived through the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the Fukushima nuclear crisis that followed, show signs of stress that's similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as “deficits in attachment and learning ability.” Dogs who survived the disaster had stress hormone levels that were five to 10 times higher compared to abandoned or stray canines who were not affected by the disaster. — Read it at Live Science via Yahoo

Mei Xiang

D.C. Zoo Panda Cub Had Lung and Liver Problems

The final results of a necropsy on the 6-day-old panda cub who died at the National Zoo on Sept. 23 revealed that the baby’s lungs weren’t fully formed, so her liver didn't get adequate oxygen. While the zoo works with colleagues in China to share what they’ve learned about the baby, mom Mei Xiang (shown left) is “almost completely back to her old self,” spending more time outside and eating almost all of her bamboo, the zoo said. — Read it at Today

Cute Times Two at Point Defiance Zoo

Berani, a 6-week-old Malayan tiger cub who was transferred to the Tacoma, Wash., zoo from the Tulsa Zoo, snuggled with Port Defiance's 7-week-old Sumatran tiger cub, Dumai. “We're very happy to see these two cubs get along so well,” said the Point Defiance Zoo of the pair's first meeting. — See the photo on Facebook


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