Pet Scoop: Ricky Gervais Stops Interview to Help Dog, Westminster Adds 3 New Breeds

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Comedian Ricky Gervais used his time on GMA to help find a home for Bear.
Comedian Ricky Gervais used his time on GMA to help find a home for Bear.

15-Year-Old Dog Finds a Home

British comedian Ricky Gervais made an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday to promote his new film, “David Brent: Life on the Road.” But as the anchors started their interview, he interrupted and said he wanted to focus on a more pressing matter. “I was here to talk about that but I’ve just discovered there’s a dog needs adopting, so I’d rather use my segment to get him adopted,” Gervais said as he petted the recently rescued Chow and Labrador Retriever mix. “I’m not leaving until we get a phone call this guy’s adopted. He was chained up for 15 years. Give him a life... He’s so loving. He’s had no life.” On Monday, he happily reported that Bear had found a home. “Great work everyone,” he tweeted with a selfie he’d snapped with the dog. — Read it at the Toronto Sun

Westminster Reveals 3 New Breeds

The Pumi, the Sloughi and the American Hairless Terrier breeds will get the chance to compete at the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York next month. The curious and energetic Pumi is a Hungarian herding dog. The Sloughi is an athletic ancient African hound and the American Hairless Terrier is an inquisitive, spunky breed who was developed in the South in the 1970s. They round out the 202 breeds and varieties set to compete in the prestigious show. Representatives of the breeds made their debut at the Garden in a preview of the show on Monday. — Read it from the AP via Yahoo

Bobcat Escapes From National Zoo

Last week, we told you about a red panda who escaped from the Virginia Zoo. Now, there’s a new escape artist to tell you about: a bobcat disappeared from the National Zoo in Washington on Monday morning. The staff is searching the zoo’s grounds and surrounding areas for Ollie. They set out food traps for the nearly 7-year-old female, who weighs about 25 pounds. "We very much believe that she will want to come back to her habitat,” said spokeswoman Johanna Watson. She warned the public not to try to approach Ollie if they see her, but to contact the zoo. — Read it at Smithsonian

Trinket quickly found a home after an appearance on CBS' "The Price Is Right."
Trinket quickly found a home after an appearance on CBS' "The Price Is Right."

Dog on “Price Is Right” Adopted

It’s Pet Adoption Week on “The Price Is Right,” and it started with a bang on Monday, when the show announced that the first dog it featured had found a home the day after the taping. Trinket, a small white dog with a funny little underbite, was adopted by Sherry Rehfeld. “When she jumped in my lap I knew she chose me. I didn’t have a chance to say no. She is doing just fine,” she said. The game show has long supported animal rights, and for decades, every show has closed with the line, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” You can tune in to the CBS show all this week to see more adoptable pets. — Read it at People Pets

Wayward Cat Goes Wild for Catnip Toys

This has got to be a cat’s dream come true. A runaway cat hit the jackpot when she wandered into a pet store in the Netherlands earlier this month, and discovered the catnip toys. Two videos show the delighted kitty writhing around on top of a shelf full of the toys as they spill over onto the floor. The store, Pets Place, said the cat’s owner eventually tracked her down and brought her home. — Watch it at UPI


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