Pet Scoop: Senior Shelter Dog Loves Visit With Santa, Rescued Sea Otters Flown to France

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A sweet 13-year-old Spaniel loved visiting with Santa at a Virginia animal shelter.
An adoptable 13-year-old Spaniel loved visiting with Santa at a Virginia animal shelter.

Sweet Spaniel Wishes for Home

Some kids (and dogs) are afraid of sitting in Santa’s lap — but not Chanel. The 13-year-old English Cocker Spaniel “practically leapt into his arms and was so happy and comfortable, she probably could've just taken a nap,” reads the caption of their cute photo from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Virginia, where Chanel is living. A commenter who knows Chanel says her little stump of a tail is always wagging, and her Santa visit on Saturday was no exception. The shelter says the “super sweet dog loves everyone she meets,” and they’re hoping to find her a loving home for the holidays, where she can live out her senior days in comfort. From the discussion on the shelter’s Facebook page, it sounds like Chanel will get her wish. At least one commenter said he planned to go and adopt her this week. — Read it from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter via Facebook

Rescued Sea Otters Flown to France

After a long journey, a pair of endangered sea otters is relaxing at their new home at a sea life park in France. The two males, Matchaq and Tangiq, were flown to France on a private jet from the Alaska SeaLife Center. The 5,600-mile charter flight took 15 hours. The jetlagged otters are now in quarantine at Oceanopolis in Northwest France. The species, which is native to the coastal waters of the north Pacific, has been hunted to near extinction for their prized fur. — Read it from AFP via Yahoo

Oldest Albatross Expecting Again

She may be 66 years old, but Wisdom, the world’s oldest known Laysan albatross, is incubating an egg once again at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wisdom has been returning to the refuge in the North Pacific Ocean for six decades. The staff had thought the famed bird, who was first banded in 1956, might take a year off from breeding to molt and replenish her plumage, which is common in albatrosses. But they were “abuzz with the news that Wisdom was back.” Wisdom has fledged 9 chicks in the last 10 years. — Read it at Seeker

A colony of penguins dons their Santa costumes daily for a waddle through a Japanese park.
A colony of penguins dons their Santa costumes daily for a waddle through a Japanese park.

Santa-Penguins Waddle in Park

Each day at the Matsue Vogel Park in Japan, there’s a visit from not one but several little Santas. The six penguins in the park’s colony wear their Santa Claus costumes for a daily walk that delights visitors. Now photos and videos of the Santa penguins have gone viral, bringing smiles to penguin lovers all over the world. — Watch it at ABC News

Cop Adopts Pit Bull Puppy He Saved

A police officer who rescued a Pit Bull puppy who was cruelly abandoned in a Queens, New York, apartment in September has given her a happy home. The emaciated 8-month-old pup, who’d injured herself trying to break free from the apartment, was nursed back to health by the ASPCA. NYPD Officer Joshua Sailor, 24, visited Mila a week after he saved her, and she stole his heart. “She came running into the room and ran straight to me, ignoring the treats that they had put out on the floor,” he said. “I’ll admit I got a little choked up. I said, ‘That’s it, she’s coming home with me.’” Sailor and several other members of law enforcement in New York will be honored by the ASPCA on Tuesday for their roles in animal cruelty cases. — See photos at the New York Daily News


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