Pet Scoop: Shelter Cat Adopts Days-Old Puppy, Kristin Davis Adopts Baby Elephant

June 20, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Noland, a Pit Bull puppy, snuggles up to his feline mom with one of his littermates.
Noland, a Pit Bull puppy, snuggles up to his feline mom with one of his littermates.

Cat Plays Mom to Pit Bull Pup

Last week, when someone brought a 1-day-old Pit Bull puppy to the Cleveland Animal Protective League without his mother, the staff and veterinarian knew they were in for a challenge. They turned to Lurlene, a new mother cat at the shelter — and she and her four kittens took the puppy in, no questions asked. Noland spends about nine hours a day with his adoptive mom, nursing and sleeping with his siblings. Then, a team member takes him home for the night to bottle feed and monitor him. “We need to be diligent with his care,” said Sharon Harvey, president and chief executive officer of the Cleveland Animal Protective League. The puppy is now about a week old. The group isn’t yet accepting inquiries about Noland’s adoption, saying he’ll need to be cared for at the shelter for “quite a while,” but they are accepting donations to help Noland and animals like him at— Read it at Cleveland’s NewsNet5

Study: Chemical Keeps Naked Mole Rats Cancer-Free

Researchers at the University of Rochester have found that naked mole rats create a chemical that protects them from cancer. The rodents have a 30-year lifespan but have never been known to get the disease. Study authors Andrei Seluanov and Vera Gorbunova found that their tissues are rich with a gooey substance called HMW-HA. They found that when the substance was removed, the animals’ cells became susceptible to tumors. The biologists are hopeful that their findings, published in the journal Nature, could lead to new cancer treatments in people. — Read it at Science Daily

Whales Flock to Central California Coast

An upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of the ocean has lead to a boom in small marine life, like krill and squid, off the Central California coast, which has attracted pods of humpback whales, dolphins and orcas to the area — much to the delight of whale watchers. "There was an extraordinary number of humpback and blue whales," said Nancy Black, a marine biologist with Monterey Bay Whale Watch. — Read it at Live Science

Actress Kristin Davis with Ajuba, the baby elephant she adopted.
Actress Kristin Davis with Ajuba, the baby elephant she adopted.

Actress Adopts Another Elephant

The Sex and the City actress and animal activist Kristin Davis has a new baby girl — an elephant at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Davis Tweeted a photo of her new little one, Ajuba, on Tuesday, and encouraged her followers to sponsor animals at the trust, too. This is the second elephant that the actress has made a part of her family. In 2009, she adopted an abandoned female elephant named Chaimu. — Read it from People Pets

Group Marks 90th Anniversary With Dog and Cat Statues

The Animal Protective Association of Missouri has found a big way to celebrate its 90th anniversary: with larger-than-life statues of 10 dogs and 10 cats. The colorfully painted statues, which each measure 6 feet tall and weigh 450 pounds, were custom designed by artists in St. Louis. The sculptures will be unveiled on Saturday at Busch Stadium as part of the “Purina Pooches in the Park” event, and they’ll then be displayed at locations around the city throughout the summer. — Find out more about the Harry & Hanley Project


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